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The cost of each online tutorial is as follows:

NDA students £25.00
Non-students £49.00

You are able to access the online tutorials indefinitely once they have been paid for and selected. This enables you to continually refer back to the video or certain themes within the tutorial that you may wish to review at a later date.

As with all monetary transactions on the National Design Academy website, the fee is processed securely on our behalf by Secure Trading.

Applying bespoke materials in SketchUp

Learn new skills

At the National Design Academy we believe that learning is an on-going process. There are always new skills to pick up and advancements in technology to understand. That is why we have created a selection of online tutorials. These tutorials will cover invaluable skills and topics for designers such as AutoCAD, SketchUp and Photoshop.

Creating 3D models in SketchUp

Step-by-step lessons

The tutorials are designed to lead you through the process of using relevant software packages such as AutoCAD. The tutorials are in the form of a video and are conducted by one of our many in-house design experts. These videos are portrayed in a straightforward, step-by-step format to ensure that they are easy to follow and clear to understand.

Creating professional presentations in Photoshop

Enhance your CV

There are many benefits to using these online tutorials, the key aspect being the ability to further understand core software packages used within the interior design industry. These tutorials will not only help with present coursework but also further enhance your CV and ability to communicate ideas with clients on future interior design projects.

Below we hear from Vicky Arbuthnot, Senior Design Tutor at the National Design Academy. Vicky discusses the many benefits of using an online tutorial as a study aid.

As a distance learning provider, we believe that education should be available for all and the creation of these new online Tutorials are just another step in helping students study relevant, core industry information anytime, anywhere. Computer software is an integral part of our industry, not only to aide in the advancement of the designers’ skills, but how we can use these programmes to communicate our ideas to clients whether they are sitting across the table from us or are in a different country altogether.

The video tutorials that have been created, have been developed through many years of in-studio workshops. This has enabled us to ensure all the content is relevant, up to date and in line with what you as students, future and current industry professionals, will need in order to work effectively within the industry.

Learning a new computer program can be a daunting thing, particularly when you are faced with doing this alone. The benefit of these video tutorials is that you will be guided step-by-step by industry professionals who have many years’ experience using these programs, and by doing so at your own pace. You can work alongside the videos and also stop the tutorial at any time, again, working at a pace that is comfortable for you. You can then go back and refresh yourself at any time on certain elements or skills taught within these tutorials.

We hope you enjoy using these tutorials to further develop your skills.

Senior Design Tutor; Vicky Arbuthnot