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Preparing for an Interior Design interview

Tips for an Interior Design Interview

For every newly qualified Interior designer, the preparation required for your ‘dream job’ can be a very daunting task. Not only do you have to consider the answers to possible questions as most interviewees, but also make sure that your portfolio showcases your ability and skills to the highest, most professional standard as a competing […]

NDA’s Director of Studies judges at the Young Furniture Makers Exhibition

Judge panel - Young Furniture Makers

The next generation of furniture designers and makers was celebrated at the annual Young Furniture Makers Exhibition last October. More than 40 designs from some of the UK’s finest young furniture makers packed out Furniture Makers’ Hall on Tuesday 11 October. The exhibition showcased pieces from talented GCSE and A Level students through to BA […]

Sleep – Hotel Design Event

Bagnodesign - Talise Spa - Sleep Exhibition

This week myself and Anthony Rayworth, our very knowledgeable and design hungry Director of Studies attended the Sleep Hotel Design Event at The Business Design Centre in London and ‘sleep’ was certainly not happening there! If you have never been to the Business Design Centre, it is worth a visit, regardless of whether there is […]

London Design Week 2016 – Review Part 2

Ceccotti collezioni - luxury furniture edition

Furniture by Anthony Rayworth Introduction The range and breadth of styles, design approaches and intended markets exemplified by the furniture exhibited during this year’s London Design Week is absolute proof that creativity and craftsmanship are alive and well in 2016. Product selections ranged from extremely fine furniture decorated with unique, hand applied finishes to restrained […]

Interior Designer, Architect or Interior Architect?

Interior design - designer profession

For a considerable amount of time, the debate as to the difference between the terms ‘Interior Designer’ and ‘Architect’ has continued to gather momentum.  Now with the addition of the term ‘Interior Architect’ coming into the conversation, being able to establish the correct terminology, to define the role and responsibilities, and to create an understanding […]

Develop your Interior Design Portfolio – Part 1

Interior Design Portfolio - brochure example

An interior design portfolio in brief, is a collection of your best work. It is an opportunity for you to showcase a range of skills and your design style. This should be packaged both creatively and professionally. There should also be enough content within your interior design portfolio for someone to look through and have […]