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Intimidating Interiors Vol. 3 – Interior Design Themes in Horror Films

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Interior design is possibly one of the most important aspects of a horror film. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the most artistically acclaimed horror films in history. They’re not always just about scaring you silly, some of them have artistic conviction and deserve respect from aspiring designers. Fear can […]

The Rise of Dark Furniture and Finishes in 2017 – Intimidating Interiors – Vol. 2


Is it just us at the NDA that see a trend in dark interiors this year? It seems more and more often design magazines are full of deep green/navy/black/dark grey walls with dark oak furniture and finishes, with crisp white walls taking a backseat. Dark shades feature in the Copenhague fine-dining restaurant by GamFratesi Lotta […]

What Makes a Haunted Building? – Intimidating Interiors – Vol. 1


One of the most vital parts of a horror film, book (or even a real life experience!) is the atmosphere and aesthetics of the interior scenes. Whether it be a Victorian rocking chair, peeling wallpaper, or distorted architectural scale, this series of blogs will explore what makes an Intimidating Interior. It’s believed by many that […]