Terms and Conditions

Important - please read carefully for all course bookings

Every institution has terms and conditions, we ask you to please read them carefully; we want you to be fully informed and if there is anything you would like explaining more fully, please ask, we are here to help.

NDA provides you with the flexibility to study in a way that suits your own circumstances, working within the parameters set by our college and university partners. We simply ask you to follow the guidelines in your Student Handbook, to work closely with your Tutor and take responsibility for your learning.

The National Design Academy (NDA) is part of The NDA Foundation, a not-for-profit company. All profits are re-invested back into the Foundation, which keeps tuition fees low, allowing more students to study. E&OE 12.04.2018

The NDA continually strives to improve the service provided and are committed to giving all students the opportunity to express satisfaction, dissatisfaction, with our service, policies, processes and procedures and where appropriate to improve our services. Therefore we have our own Comments, Complaints, Appeals and Compliments Policy that is regulated by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator. Please contact studentsupport@nda.ac.uk for further information about our terms and conditions.