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Student Spotlight: Kim Bunce, Professional Interior Design

Pursuing her Passion

Meet Interior Designer Kim Bunce. Based in Buckinghamshire, Kim is passionate about bringing spaces together that transform a house into a home. She has always been interested in interiors and would often do home renovations after working long hours in social care. But it was during the COVID lockdown that Kim decided she wanted to pursue a career in interior design. She found the National Design Academy and never looked back.

What made you want to get into Interior Design?

I have always had a passion for all things interiors, and I used it as a way to relax, as I found it very therapeutic after the long days of working in social care. My husband and I often renovated our own home, which belonged to my grandmother. But it was during the COVID lockdown, when I was stuck at home working and home-schooling two teenagers, that I thought it was now or never to train for my dream job. I’ve never looked back. The National Design Academy made this transition so much easier for me!

Who is your biggest design inspiration?

I have an eclectic mix of designers that inspire me, in particular the patterns and colours from Sophie Robinson and Kit Kemp. I’m also a big fan of HAM Interiors.

How did you find studying the course?

I found the course to be clear and incredibly informative. The Virtual Learning System was super easy to use, and I loved getting to know my classmates via Zoom. It was all very approachable.

How did you find the communication and support?

The communication was amazing. My tutor was super supportive and friendly, with clear advice and expectations for me.

What would be your dream project?

My dream client or project would be to work with a busy family who would like me to manage a large interior design renovation project in a period property.

What projects are you most proud of?

Victorian Home

One project that makes me super proud is my own home. It is a Victorian home that has been in my family since 1896. My husband and I purchased it from my granny and renovated it completely. This project showcased my abilities as an interior designer and has helped me secure great work with clients. It’s a project I continue to be proud of.

While I am proud of many of my projects, it’s the clients that make the project something to be proud of. I feel thrilled to be busting the myths of working with an interior designer, which historically has been seen as out of reach to many homeowners. I am proud to work in partnership with my clients and to take them out of their comfort zone with design choices that transform their houses into a home.

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