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Student Spotlight: Denisa Jusic, MA Interior Design

From Corporate HR to Interior Designer

Based in Essex and specialising in residential design, Denisa Jusic found her passion for interior design whilst following her father around while he worked on home projects. She found real joy during these times when her father let her get involved in the project.

Since then, she has pursued a career in interior design, working as a freelance designer and starting her own business. Looking to push herself out of her comfort zone and expand on her knowledge, Denisa decided to enrol in the Master’s degree in Interior Design at the National Design Academy.

Denisa Jusic

What made you want to get into Interior Design?

I was probably around 6 or 7 years old when I first became interested in interior design. My dad is a builder/decorator and when we started personal projects, I became his shadow. Occasionally, he would let me get involved in the project and I absolutely LOVED it.

Who is your biggest design inspiration?

My biggest design inspiration is Kelly Hoppen. Her work is just amazing, and I am never bored of seeing what she can create and design.

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

I would say my style is timeless, contemporary, and minimalist.

What was your favourite unit/module of the course?

My favourite module on this course was Module 04: Cultural Contexts in Interior Design. I am a massive fan of travelling and I love learning about different cultures and traditions when I travel, so being able to learn more about how culture impacts design was impressive.

How did you find studying with the National Design Academy?

The course has been brilliant throughout. Being able to study online and having that flexibility is what made me decide to apply with NDA in the first place. The online VLS platform is very straightforward to use and has a lot of resources and guidance tools to help the learning process. It’s a great system to have. I believe the time frame for each module is a reasonable amount based on the context for each one. Time management is one of my attributes, so I did not need extra time. However, you can apply for holidays and extensions if needed.

Who was your tutor and how did you find the communication and support?

My tutor was Simone Haley, and I could not fault her in any way, she is brilliant. The communication and support throughout have been great and whoever gets Simone as a tutor next will be very lucky.

What will you do next once you are finished with your Master's?

When I complete this course, I plan on continuing to grow my freelance business and see where it takes me.

What would be your dream project?

I don’t really have a dream client or individual as such, but my dream projects would be to have high end residential projects, whether that be UK based or even overseas. Building up a reputable business is paramount, and I truly believe once you have that, the clients will follow.

Which projects are you most proud of? Can you describe them?

Office Space Re-design

I have several projects that I am proud of. But there are two that really stick to mind. The first one I am proud of is my first ‘proper’ project, where the client found me directly and not through referrals. I don’t think you ever forget having your first client, nor do you forget all the excitement and feelings that come with it. The project was to re-design a very standard white walls, blue-tiled carpet box office space into something with character and warmth. The outcome was fantastic, and the client was super happy with it.

Country Mansion Hallway Re-Design

The second project, I was recommended to an individual who owns several cares homes. The brief was simple enough, where I had the privilege of re-designing the main hallways of this beautiful country mansion care home circa 1650’s. The brief was simple, but there was lots to consider. Designing for a care home with residents residing in them, I had to ensure they felt safe, secure, and not disorientated by the changes. Not only this, the design approval needed to not only go through the client, but the residents, staff, local authorities, and commissioners. I was so pleased to hear that they all LOVED the changes. From this project, I have now made a client/friend for life.

Anything else you would like to share?

Joining the NDA and doing the Master’s course has really given me a fresh lease of new design perspective. It helped me push out of comfort zones and in turn provided me with more self-confidence to go out and achieve my work goals. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to push their capabilities, learn new things about themselves, and anything design related.

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