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Spring 2024 Trend Report

As we embark on spring, we’re seeing some exciting trends emerging and developing across the world of interiors. Below are some of our favourite trends that we anticipate will find their way into our homes this spring.


As spring emerges, brighter versions of earthy tones start to consume our spaces. WGSN identified “Apricot Crush” as a “restorative, refreshing, and energetic hue…cultivating a hopeful and positive mindset.” A narrative of “care, connection, and community” is also represented, alongside the obvious nutritional benefits of the actual fruit. This hue exudes energy, offering warmth and positivity.

‘Peach Fuzz’, a lighter peach hue with subtle echoes of pink, has been named the colour of the year by Pantone. With its soft and peaceful connotations, this pleasant pastel shade embodies the essence of anticipation.

Peach will continue to be prominent across various mediums, including wall finishes, ceramics, fabrics, tinted or smoked glass, and more. It’s possible that colour drenching, which gained traction in 2023, will evolve to include lots of peach tones.

Quiet Luxury 

“Quiet luxury” is an unconventional approach that has steadily gained momentum since 2023, particularly in the fashion industry. Since its emergence, this concept has permeated every sector of the design world.

While its understated appearance may not immediately catch the eye, the distinction lies in the details, which work to evoke an atmosphere of belonging and calmness. Quiet luxury entails a deliberate, restrained colour palette and a thoughtfully curated collection of cherished items and essentials.

To embrace this trend, keep an eye out for harmonious, tonal, or muted colour schemes that reside within the neutral palette. Pay attention to material quality, craftsmanship, and the use of high-end fabrics. Additionally, focus on the layout of zones and furniture placement to leverage natural light.

Throughout 2024, we will see this trend evolve to include injections of colour, oversized curved seating, and a seamless blending of luxury and responsibility. Artem Kropovinsky, from the New York-based interior design firm ‘Arsight’, refers to this as the rise of ‘experiential luxury’.

Stripes / New Nostalgia 

In complete contrast to ‘Quiet Luxury’, bold stripes are set to return in 2024. Perfect for the maximalist but still adaptable for the minimalist too.

The ticking retro stripe is set to remain an integral part of this trend, ideal for all types of soft furnishings and window treatments. From nautical to bolder cabana stripes, we will be flooded with varying styles.

Pastel stripes within interiors are also experiencing a resurgence, providing the perfect backdrop for colours like ‘peach fuzz’ which adds a contemporary twist to a classic pattern.

From walls and furnishings to decorative objects and dining settings, this trend will bring a sense of lightness and nostalgia to any design scheme.


Chintz is another surface pattern that is gaining traction, embracing the allure of new nostalgia by blending the old with the new. Reminiscent of items and products found in the homes of previous generations, it is experiencing a resurgence with fresh additions and contemporary options.


Material Reuse 

Thankfully, sustainability continues to drive the production of more environmentally conscious product offerings. One standout example are lampshades made of mycelium and other homewares crafted from industry by-products.

Bio-composite panels by the Polish brand Vank are another great example of how material reuse continues to inspire new interior products. These panels are ideal for the walls of any space, adding depth, texture, and subtle dynamics with sound-absorbing qualities. With materials based on renewable fibrous plants such as hemp and flax, this innovative and circular material demonstrates a shift towards holistic wellbeing.


The artist’s hand is still being championed to add one-of-a-kind impressions, giving a greater sense of place and personality to any space or design.

The next iteration is called ‘digital artisan’, which embraces technology for precision where needed, while still incorporating the beauty of handwork through craft and art.

Sustainable crafting continues to be adopted by artisans, and there is a growing trend towards sourcing from local artists. This encompasses a wide range of mediums such as ceramics, accessories, furniture, and finishes.


That’s our take on which interior trends we believe will take centre stage this Spring. Which trends are you favouring? We’d love to know.

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