Terms and Conditions

Important - please read carefully for all course bookings

Every institution has terms and conditions, we ask you to please read them carefully; we want you to be fully informed and if there is anything you would like explaining more fully, please ask, we are here to help.
NDA provides you with the flexibility to study in a way that suits your own circumstances, working within the parameters set by our college and university partners. We simply ask you to follow the guidelines in your Student Handbook, to work closely with your Tutor and take responsibility for your learning.


All Courses
All enrolments received by the NDA are accepted on the basis that you have read and agree to these terms & conditions before you enrol. After you have enrolled online with NDA, you have fourteen days in which to change your mind. If you change your mind, this must be confirmed to NDA in writing even if you notify us by telephone first. After fourteen days you are deemed to have started your course, and due to the volume of administration involved with the registration and enrolment of a student, course fees and qualification fees cannot be refunded after this point. The prospectus and website are intended as a course guide only as it may be necessary for NDA to make changes to course content or to a programme if necessary.


Payment in Full
Course fees are due in full before the start of a course and a discount is offered.
Payment by Instalments
As a concession; NDA will allow you to pay fees by monthly instalments. Instalment payments will begin on 1st day of the month following enrolment (if you enrol in the final week of any month, payments will begin one month later). Charges for any declined card payments will be passed on to the student. Any change to your start date will not alter the payment schedule. You still are liable for the full course fee or degree level fee, if you withdraw from your course, fail to submit assignments or fail to attend a studio course.
Fee review. Fees are reviewed annually and may change on 1st August each year. Degree course fees for the next level are likely to rise annually.


UK Only - Advanced Learning Loans
If you would like to pay for your Diploma course using an Advanced Learning Loan you should select this option when you enrol. NDA will confirm your place on the Diploma course with a link to complete your loan application and a guide on how to complete this. A £50 administration fee is payable when you enrol which is fully refunded to you at the end of your course, no tuition fees are payable.


UK Only - Student Loans
If you intend to pay for your Degree course via a student loan you should select this option when you enrol or apply on the NDA website. NDA will confirm your place with a link to your Student Loan application and a guide on how to complete this. If you fail to complete a degree level (4 modules or 120 credits) part of your student loan may be reclaimed by Student Finance England or Wales and you will then be liable for the outstanding tuition fees for that level. An Individual Learning Plan will be agreed with your Personal Tutor.
If you are paying your own fees, you are liable for the tuition fees for that level, even if you withdraw or fail to submit an assignment. You must notify NDA in writing should you wish to withdraw from the programme.
Online Diploma Courses
Students must complete their course within 12 months, depending on when they enrol. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, additional time can be arranged for a small additional fee. Should you not complete your course any outstanding fees will become due.
The Qualification fee of £105 is paid over to AIM Awards and covers registration, moderation and certification of your accredited national qualification.
Studio Courses
Payment by Instalments: Studio course fees are due in full before the start of a course. However, as a concession, you may pay fees by monthly instalments. (International Students cannot pay by instalments but a generous discount for full payment is given). If you are unable to attend a pre-booked studio course provided you give 14 days’ notice, NDA will transfer you onto a later course for a £50 administration fee. Should you be unable to attend at a later date, you can complete the course online by distance learning, and will be allocated a personal Tutor. As student numbers are limited to maintain small class sizes, Studio course fees cannot be refunded.
If you are unable to attend a pre‚Äźbooked workshop, providing NDA receives 14 days' notice in writing, you can be transferred onto a later workshop for a £20 administration fee. Should the NDA have to cancel any workshop, you will receive at least 14 days’ notice, with the offer to transfer onto the next date or receive a full refund. We recommend that you leave travel bookings until 13 days before the workshop date.
Submission of assignments
One of the terms of your enrolment is that you agree to submit your assignments by the due date. If for any reason you are unable to do so, you agree to contact your Tutor for an extension date to avoid being classed as "withdrawn" from the course. Withdrawn students will still be liable for any outstanding course fees.


The National Design Academy (NDA) is part of The NDA Foundation, a not-for-profit company. All profits are re-invested back into the Foundation, which keeps tuition fees low, allowing more students to study. E&OE 15.04.2016
The NDA continually strives to improve the service provided and are committed to giving all students the opportunity to express satisfaction, dissatisfaction, with our service, policies, processes and procedures and where appropriate to improve our services. Therefore we have our own Comments, Complaints, Appeals and Compliments Policy that is regulated by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator. Please contact studentsupport@nda.ac.uk for further information.