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Foundation Degree (FdA) Courses

The National Design Academy offers three Foundation Degrees (FdA); Interior Design, Heritage Interior Design and Retail Interior Design. Successful NDA Diploma students are offered a guaranteed place on one of our Foundation Degrees.


What is a Foundation Degree?

The Foundation Degree (FdA) is a two year degree course. It follows the same curriculum as the first two years of the BA (Hons) degree, but has the advantage of a work experience element. Students who study an FdA have options at the end of two years, students who study the BA (Hons) three year course do not.

This is the FLEXIBLE route to BA (Hons), recommended for NDA Students:

  • NDA students enrol onto a Foundation Degree and graduate with FdA
  • Students then study just the final year of the BA (Hons) course and "top-up" their FdA to a full BA Honours Degree

Why Study This Way?

Unless you know you can commit to 3 years of continuous study with the BA (Hons) 3 year course, we recommend the flexible route to BA (Hons) by studying the Foundation Degree first. This will provide you with more options and more flexibility.

  • The curriculum for the FdA is the same as the first two years of BA (Hons) but has the benefit of a work experience element
  • It doesn't take any longer to study this flexible way and tuition fees are the same
  • At the end of the FdA, students can end or pause their studies and graduate with an FdA...
  • ...OR, study for a final year to "top-up" their FdA to the full BA (Hons) at any time

How Will I Study My Foundation Degree?

The FdA degree courses are studied via online learning using the NDA's bespoke Virtual Learning Studio (VLS), our easy to use online platform. Study is really flexible as you can choose your own start date and work at times that are convenient to you. Whether that is evenings, weekends, school holidays or 2 o'clock in the morning, the course material and modules are always available and you can meet up with other students from around the world in the lively VLS Community Forum. This is the ideal learning style for those who have family or work commitments.

All Foundation Degrees offered by the National Design Academy are awarded by our Academic Partners, Staffordshire University. Upon successful completion of an FdA degree, students are invited to attend a wonderful graduation ceremony by the lakes at Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire. Those wishing to progress onto the BA (Hons) top-up year will pay lower tuition fees through an NDA Progression Scholarship.

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Foundation degree student case studies

Celia Millward

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After I made the decision to change my career path from Physiotherapy to Interior Design at the age of 21, I was lucky enough to find the NDA.

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Vicky Wilkins

Case study

Vicky Wilkins completed her Foundation Degree in Interior Design here at the National Design Academy and has set up her own very successful interior design business.

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