Online Short Course
Interior Design
For Your Home

Short Course

Interior Design
For Your Home

Start Date

Enrol at any time & choose your start date. No term times or semesters

Entry Requirements

No previous qualifications required, Just a desire to create beautiful interiors for your own home!

Course Duration

Approx 30 - 40 Hrs
Self-paced Learning
(6 months maximum)


No exams — Gain valuable feedback from NDA Tutors


Investing in Your Future Certificate accredited by AIM Qualifications + National Design Academy Certificate ‘Interior Design for Your Home’

What Will I Study?

The course is organised into 5 simple projects, each one having a specific focus.

Interior Design Inspiration & Colour Theory

This covers the key Interior design elements used by professional interior designers that are essential for any successful design. It also explains where to find your own inspiration for designs and how to understand the theory of colour and how colour affects our mood.

Combining Colour, Texture & Pattern

Understand simple rules to ensure your rooms are balanced and perfectly proportioned. This includes choosing and applying colour, texture and pattern to create the perfect mood and feel within your home.

An introduction to wall and floor finishes, understanding the materials available to you and how these can be applied. Sourcing and designing the best window treatments and beautiful soft furnishings will also give you the confidence to bring your design schemes together within your home.

Furnishing Your Space

This provides an introduction to the wide range of furniture and accessories you can choose from, giving you the confidence to make your own selections based on your individual style, taste and budget. It will also show you how to make a statement with furniture and how to combine form and function with furniture and accessories.

Planning Your Space Effectively

This will teach you how to arrange your space and develop an understanding of basic layout principles appropriate for the use of the room. It will also show you how to measure your own rooms, how to use furniture templates to plan out your space and finally how to calculate quantities for your wallpaper and floor finishes.

Your Own 'Personal Project'

Designed to bring together all the knowledge and skills you have gained during the course. A practical design project giving you the opportunity to redesign a room within your own home, making it both exciting and creative.

This can be a complete concept idea or a design that you actually intend to undertake in the future.

Within this section you will be given a step by step guide on how to approach your own design, as well as how you can present your information.

What Will I Learn?

Interior Design For Your Home
Course Fees

UK Students

£ 250 On Enrolment

International Students

$ 325 On Enrolment

* International Student Fee in US Dollars.

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