The Academy Award for best production design goes to…

Sandy Reynolds-Wasco - Production Award winner

…La La Land! Along with the 5 other awards picked up by the picture, the best production design award went to critically acclaimed set designer Sandy Reynolds-Wasco. The 2016 film starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (winner of Best Actress) is full of colour and intrisic detail which adds to the overall theme of the […]

Top 10 design Instagram accounts to follow


Whether interiors, gardens, architecture or graphics is your thing, Instagram is a great source of design visual inspiration.  We’ve therefore compiled a list of the 10 best design-inspiring Instagram accounts for you to follow.   Number 1 – Good Design Matters: London Showcasing products from the best contemporary British designers, makers and independent manufacturers.   Number […]

Interior Design Trends 2017; Terracotta

Interior Design Trends 2017; Terracotta

Terracotta has a long and rich history, taking a number of forms since its discovery including sculpture, pottery and building materials. Its colour comes from the high iron content, which reacts with oxygen during the firing process. The most identifiable finish once the firing process is complete is the easily recognisable orange and red colours, […]