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Tutor Kim reveals her top exhibition design tips!

As well as helping others develop their skills as an interior design tutor at the National Design Academy, Kimberley Moore has designed for some of the country’s biggest names including Lloyds TSB and Marks & Spencer. 

Her brand Bold Britannia, recently attracted the eye of label Powerhouse Fitness, who wanted Kim’s expert eye and opinion on how create the perfect exhibition stand for popular Body Power Expo event, at Birmingham’s NEC.

Find out what techniques Kim used to meet the needs of her client and create a super hot stand!

“Powerhouse fitness is the UK’s leading supplier of home fitness equipment and commercial gym equipment. They were looking to gain new custom and expand their marketing campaign by exhibiting for the first time at the Body power Expo at Birmingham NEC.

They needed some advice on how to best use the space they had selected (exposed at all sides) and also what equipment would give the brand the strongest presence within budget.

In order to give the best design consultation possible, I created 3 schemes; a pop up scheme, bespoke build and a shell scheme (part rental) with 3 different sized budgets. Once they had decided on which scheme they wanted (the pop up) I worked with their graphic designer to create the artwork for the exhibition kit and ordered it all up to the agreed specification e.g. size, colour, finish.

As this was a pop up there was no project management required, one of the benefits of this style of kit is it is all self assembly and very durable so can be used by powerhouse for many exhibitions to come in many different configurations.”

Kimberley’s top tips when designing an exhibition stand:

1. Ensure that you know the location of the exhibition, get the exact plot so traffic flow and target markets can be analysed.

2. Know the company brand, try not deviate from their brand guidelines (unless you’re redesigning the brand as well)

3. Where possible always give more than one option, exhibition design can be so varied that 3 final options often works best

If you would like to study Interior Design or learn more about exhibition design, you can visit our website or give us a call on 0115 91234 12 and we will help you as much as possible!

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