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This Interior Design Book Will Change Your Life

Lucy Painter has been a top recruiter in the interior design industry for over 15 years. During her time placing candidates with some of the most prestigious interior design companies, she noticed a huge gap in the presentation skills of junior designers looking for their first job in interior design. Faced with filling positions with qualified, yet unprepared applicants, Lucy decided to unreservedly share her industry knowledge in her book – In with the Interior Design Crowd.

We are not overestimating when we say that this book will change your life. Whether you are an experienced designer or just starting out, In with the Interior Design Crowd is packed full of industry tips for job hunting, portfolio presentation and going it alone as a freelance interior designer.

Securing a Job in Interior Design

Getting your first job in interior design involves a certain amount of chicken and egg. When it comes to securing a job in interior design, there are a list of do’s and don’ts which can be hard for the newbie to know without any experience. Without at least securing interviews, how can you know what recruiters are looking for? Lucy Painter is perfectly positioned to give you the inside track. There are few books out there which give this crucial information away so freely! Read Anthony’s (NDA’s Director of Design Studies) glowing review of the book below.

Book Review: In with the Interior Design Crowd

“This book is a triumph; I wish it had been available when I had recently Graduated many moons ago. The author is particularly well placed to pull together industry- relevant recommendations and it shows, providing real-world clarity for those wishing to immerse themselves in the complex world of interior design.

Clear and well-paced, the text is exciting, engaging and packed with hints and tips that explain the key points very well indeed. The text is also full of relevant examples and statements from practitioners which adds ‘believability’ and currency to the concepts under discussion.

The tone is encouraging – but never patronising. It is also authoritative without being overbearing, providing clear directives for developing genuine involvement within the interior design industry at a number of levels. From improving the reader’s chances of securing that all-important first job in interior design, to providing an overview of the industry for experienced designers who may be thinking about establishing their own practice.

The language is accessible, conversational, refreshingly straightforward and inspires trust and confidence. Overall the industry-focused position of the book brings a very helpful shot of business and creative clarity to what can sometimes seem to be an extremely complex profession.

In conclusion, the book should be required reading for all students of interior design as well as a welcome addition to the library of anyone working in interior design today.”

Buy the Book!

In with the Interior Design Crowd is currently available for just £10 via Lucy's website, saving 50% compared to buying through Waterstone's or Amazon. Get them before they are gone!

Ask Lucy for Interior Design Careers Advice….

We are delighted to be collaborating with Lucy on an interior design careers feature early in 2021. We’ll be holding several talks and Q&A sessions so, if you’re looking for a job in interior design, always seem to struggle at interview stage or aren’t sure what to include in your portfolio, send us your questions! We’ll be covering the following subjects:

  • Introduction to the Interior Design Industry 
  • How to seek out job placements in 2021
  • Creating the perfect portfolio

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with some tips from Lucy.

The NDA Progression Scholarship

Our courses are designed to help you progress your professional career in interior design. From Diploma to Degree and then onto the only online Master's Degree in Interior Design, our progression scholarship helps at every stage of your learning. 

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