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Theme of the month: Alidad

Theme of the month: November

Alidad: The Timeless Home

“This month I have had the absolute pleasure of reading and absorbing the contents of the beautifully illustrated book released last month about the life and work of Alidad. Persian born interior designer, Alidad, is one of the most inventive, rigorous and knowledgeable gentlemen in the design profession and this long-awaited book does not disappoint on any level. His website provides a key to his approach to interiors:

“His homes are not limited by a particular period or style, they look as though they had effortlessly evolved over many generations. His unique aesthetic seamlessly blends a wide spectrum of luxurious materials whether fabric, leather or verre eglomisé, antique or new, together with his deep art historical knowledge to produce a harmonious whole.

Published by Rizzoli and with text by Sarah Stewart-Smith, the book provides deep insight into the rigorous and demanding world of very high-end, restrained, luxury interiors. Extensive use of quotes and contributions by Alidad himself help to bring the book to life and somehow make it seem the most natural thing in the world that “surface finishes from hand-printed and painted paper, bespoke stamped leather or silk wallcoverings are applied to the églomisé mirrors, custom made carpets and all the specially designed soft furnishings.”

Alidad’s interiors are the antithesis of ‘bling’, that overused notion of designing solely for the reaction of other people; these interiors are refined, comfortable and of the highest level of execution featuring a bewildering array of craftsmen and women in ateliers across the globe. They are expressions of taste not necessarily intended to be seen other than by the owners and their close friends. Some of the interiors in this book are being viewed for the first time in thirty years. The level of detail in the beautiful photographs combined with the erudite text and sparkling comments make this book a must-have for your library. Essential!

Until next month, Anthony.”


Hogg, M., Stewart-Smith, S. (2013) Alidad: The Timeless Home. New York: Rizzoli International Publications

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