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The Spring edition of VISION is out!

Hot off the press, the Vision Profile Edition explores how designers represent and market themselves and how over time, their image changes.  Inside you’ll find articles on Kelly Hoppen, Jonathan Ive and  NDA student Joanna Ford, who’s set up her own interior design business down under.

As well as gripping articles, tutors here at The National Design Academy, have chosen an object and favourite quote which personally represents themselves and is beautifully captured by photogropher Liam Kerrigan.

Liam wanted to push VISION to new heights; “the profile edition is a great way to introduce you all to our new look – design-led and dynamic.”

There’s also PR advice for business newbies and tips on how to break into the blogosphere. So don’t waste anymore time, get yourself up to date with whats happening at the NDA and in the world of design!

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