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Student of the Month: Salima Mulji

Our recent award of student of the month for May is Salima Mulji, who has been awarded this prestigious title for the additional visual work submitted as a reflection of her design ideas, for the Space Planning module on the Foundation Degree in Interior Design.

About Salima’s Work

For this module, the main focus is how to understand the complexities of spatial planning and to address the needs of a specific client, however Salima has taken the extra time to complete a range of rendered images which offer a clear impression of the space. Here is a preview of her excellent work submitted for this module:

Spatial planning render Render by Salima Mulji Open space, render by Salima Mulji NDA Hallway render by Salima Mulji Office space render by Salima Mulji Dining space by Salima Mulji

Kitchen space by Salima Mulji

A Note from Salima’s Tutor

It is great to see a student taking the initiative and showing a range of different skills within a module. With all design suggestions, rendered images will help to illustrate a scheme, whether these are produced by hand or using computer software. In this instance these renders add depth to the development pack, as well as a clear understanding of the designers’ intentions, whilst still expressing clear acknowledgement of spatial awareness.

The visuals not only demonstrate skill and attention to detail, they also highlight Salima’s understanding of the requirements for professional presentation standards, how to communicate ideas effectively and going beyond the minimum expectations; well-done again, Salima.

If you are interested in studying the Foundation Degree in Interior Design or any of our other design courses, then please visit our course page to find out more information. Or alternately, email us at: or call us on +44(0)1159 123 412.

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