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Let the creative Juices flow!

Students studying the National Design Academy’s Professional Interior Design Diploma studio course are at the end of their first week in the studio at the Academy. Tutor Liam Kerrigan guides the students through a Spatial Planning class, a skill which is the fundamental starting point of an interior designers design scheme.

spatial planning workshop 01072011-1
spatial planning workshop 01072011-2

As well as an interesting concept, the design needs to functional, practical and relate to the client brief.

spatial planning workshop 01072011-3
spatial planning workshop 01072011-5

Student were given a scaling exercise where they had to draw one furniture arrangement in three different scales.

spatial planning workshop 01072011-4
spatial planning workshop 01072011-6 (1)

This course is a fast track to the Foundation Degree (FdA) course in Interior Design, that is level one and two of a full degree qualification. One week in spent at the NDA followed by four weeks studying at home and then a final week back in the studio.

spatial planning workshop 01072011-7

The distance learning route is fantastic for all ages, capabilities and anyone who wants to change careers or develop a hobby. Plus, all our courses are fully accredited by Staffordshire University and recognised internationally.

Listen to one student’s experience on the Diploma course and how she found this flexible way of learning.

If you’d like to get your creative juices flowing and want to enrol on the course you’ll have to be quick before the higher education fees increase kick-in and will apply from 1st August 2011. The deadline to enrol to beat the increase is the 22nd July 2011! You will still be able to enrol on the course after this date but at a higher cost.

For lots more information about the National Design Academy, our courses and how distance learning works, you can visit our website or give us a call on 0115 91234 12.

We look forward to seeing you!

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