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Christmas Decorations 2018: Ceramics

Written by NDA senior tutor, Vicky McClymont

Whether we want to believe it or not, Christmas is only a few mere weeks away, and whilst some of us have already started (or even finished!) the Christmas shopping, another area we must pay attention to is the design and decoration trends for 2018.

In this series of blogs, we’ll be taking a look at some of the more traditional and somewhat unusual decorating trends around.  After all, if you can’t bear the thought of hitting the shops just yet, take some time to discover how you could decorate your home this coming festive season.



Ceramics are a key trend this festive season, with high street and independent retailers alike showcasing this delicate material to bring a touch of elegance to your tree.  Ceramic, this year, is going through somewhat of a contemporary overhaul.  Instead of leaving the true, off-white material, we are seeing the use of metallic, marbling effects, patterning and embossing.

Take a look at our board below of a round-up of the best ceramic decorations available; a particular favourite of ours is the one-of-a-kind, hand-painted neon bauble (middle left), designed by Eat Pray Pedal (available from their website – £18)


(Top Row: Marble baubles by Marmor Paperie, £15; Ceramic Moon by The White Company – £4; Middle Row: Handpainted neon bauble by Eat Pray Pedal, £18; Black marble by Marmor Paperie, £14; Bottom Row: Falalalala by TheBridge and Taylor, £18; Personalised name bauble by Too Wordy, £10)

Stay tuned for our next write-up of this year’s hottest Christmas decoration trends!

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