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5 New Degrees to launch this Summer!

The National Design Academy is delighted to announce the approval of 5 new design-related degrees that will enhance the range currently offered and provide greater choice and specialisation. Building on the success of the BA (Hons) and Foundation Degree in Interior Design, these further degree courses will be available from 1st August 2011.

  • RETAIL DESIGN – Foundation Degree and BA (Hons)
  • HERITAGE INTERIOR DESIGN – Foundation Degree and BA (Hons)

This focuses on understanding the customer experience in order to create innovative interiors and retail spaces that entice people inside and provide them with an interesting and enjoyable experience. Understand the history of retailing and its development into the modern day iconic buildings and interiors. A combination of interior design and shopping – who could resist?

Creating sympathetic interior design for period properties, either restoring and designing to the date of construction or creating contemporary interiors within period properties with all the challenges that that entails. Listed, non listed, grand or small this will suit budding designers with a keen interest in period properties. It will also appeal to those working as volunteers within heritage properties who would like to expand their knowledge and gain a degree.

Designing the transitional space between the inside and outside, extending the interior design to the adjacent area outside. Create beautiful Patios, terraces, pool areas; even balconies deserve the same TLC as the interior space. Discover residential and commercial uses for hard landscaping, outdoor furniture and accessories, lighting, water features, plants and planting. This is not a gardening course but will draw on skills from the FdA Interior Design (or similar level course) to achieve this rapidly emerging new design specialism.

These new degrees will be validated by Staffordshire University as with our existing FdA and BA (Hons) Interior Design – we’re delighted to continue to see the partnership develop!

More information will follow soon, but in the meantime if you’re interested, why not pop along to one of our Open Days to learn more? To book your place online CLICK HERE

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