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100% Design 2012: Outstanding Interiors

100% Design had a bit of a revamp for this year, its 18th year. There were four new areas, seperated into these catergories: Interiors; Office; Kitchen& Bathrooms; Eco Design & Build that made it very easy to navigate.

One of the biggest draws to the show was the great list of seminars being delivered by a myriad of industry professionals. They all took place in a nice large area that was partitioned from the rest of the show by cobweb like wires, so you could always see and hear what was happening. There was always a seat available, which unlike some shows made going to see the talks relaxing and informative, rather than cramp, uncomfortable and stressful (Interiors UK I’m looking in your direction).

The show itself had a nice variety of designers and products. Non of the areas felt too cramp, and it was great to be able to wander into a different section and quickly discover something completely unexpected. From all the designers and traders I spoke to, the majority of them have been renting stands here for several years now, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the ideal environment for Interior Designers, Architects and Specifiers to make good contacts and get some inspiration. However with stand prices increasing significantly next year, some exhibitiors may opt for a cheaper alternative.

100% International

A key part of 100% Design are the large stands dedicated to aspiring groups of product and furniture designers from different countrys. Each county funds a group of its rising design stars to attend the show. It was very interesting to explore these international pavillions as it gave an great insight into the variety of styles and innovation that one would not normally get to see. Here are some of my choice picks.

100% Agentina

Nucleo –

Romeo flower vase. What can you say? Cute.

Nucleo - Romeo flower vase

100% France –

Eno Studio Quake Shelves

These aptly named ‘quake’ shelves instil a sense of chaos, indeed they might make some people feel queasy.

La Boite Concept

Great little idea that takes into account how people use their laptops these days. Nice compact design too.



An impressive lightweight thermal and sound insulation solution in the form of tiles that can be easily applied to any surface in a myriad of decorative combinations and colours.


Luxia – Clap

lead image


Solar powered lights that grip onto tree branches or plants so that during the night they autonomously enlighten flowers and leaves. A great idea for outdoor living.



The Vorläufer is a chair, stool, a carpet, futon, a lounger, a garden bench, a chaise longue – all in one. Nice space saving idea, I wonder if it will catch on?

Doris Darling

This interesting take on the traditional floor standing lamp would surely spice up any interior with need of a little surrealism. Ironic and multifunctional collection of lamps inspired by vintage weights.

Mario Cioni & C
MCCS do a series of very stylish speakers that are intended to blend in very well with an interior, rather than being a centre of attention, subtly is the key here. And they sound good too for their size.

MCCS Rubin loudspeaker side
MCCS Sphera still life

Julie Kouamo

Julie unveiled her new collection at 100% which included wallpaper, soft furnishings and furniture. Her style adds a fresh african twist to conventional and somethimes conservative home products. I particularly liked this chair and sofa.

Julie was sharing a stand with other designers of African origin, as the video below explains:

100% African Fantasia from NDA Foundation on Vimeo.

Bark Furniture

The Kustom armchair and and Kustom table were launched at 100%. The design is inspired by the dramatic detailing used by hot-rodders to enhance the beautiful lines of classic American automobiles. They have a very distinct new century modern asthetic and would work well in a reception, foyer, club or bar as well as the home.

O Range by David Cowell

The most interesting ‘sustainable’ eco furniture I saw at the show was by David Colwell. The Achair and Xtable use new sawing techniques that save 70% of the energy needed to manufacture them normally. The tubular rivits are also key feature making the joins very stong. All are made from steam bent ash grown in sustainable forests.

Capellino Design

Other eco furniture that stood out were these stylish chairs made entirely from cardboard.


Deadgood’s vision is simple: to develop the most dynamic design brand of our generation.  It might seem like an epic task in todays saturated market, but Deadgood’s products do have the air of ‘design classic’ written all over them. deffinatley one to watch. All manufactured in Britain too.


Capsule deadgood



Capsule-Sofa8 deadgood


Love-Chair6 deadgood

Harvey-Three-Seater-Sofa1 Deadgood


Plant and Moss

Another Handmade in Great Britain furniture maker worth keeping an eye on is Plant and Moss. Their latest collection focuses on Heritage theme that contrasts traditionally crafted pieces from natural materials with re-appropriated industrial objects.


Plant and Moss Bisley extra large sofa Plant and Moss Bisley loveseat angle (1) Plant_&_Moss_Arco Rod_high


Ironically named NotOnlyWhite (as far as I can tell all there products are all white) make minimilist wash basins using Himacs Natural Acrylic Stone to give them a warmer, softer feel. Ideal for all kinds of uses from homes to schools, offices and retail.

Box opbouw06_04
Box opbouw600_03

Emma Britton

Emma creates decorative glass panels, built to order and ideally suited for bringing something unique to an interior. Used as splash backs, an alternative to tiles or any other way you could imagine. She explains more about her products in the video below:

100% Emma Briton from NDA Foundation on Vimeo.

Objects in Glass

If ever there was a company name that does exactly what it says on the tin, it must be this one. The effect of embedding natural tall grass or sticks is quite stunning and I can think of a million applications where this would work really well. But its not just natural items that can put in the glass, as Product development Director, Ross Curtis, put it: “We love a challenge, so far there is nothing that we can’t put into glass!”.

Joana Cabrita Martins

Joana makes contemporary chandeliers made from reused objects like tea cups. The results are striking and for her first time exhibiting, they have generated a lot of interest from Interior Designers. See them in the video below.

100% Joanna Cabrita from NDA Foundation on Vimeo.

Tabisso Communicative Design

Want to make a company name to stand out? How about spelling it with chairs placed in reception? Tabisso create high-end furniture and their new Typographie range combines interior design with communication. Don’t say it with flowers, say it with chairs.

KWICK Screen

The reason this screen caught my attention was because it is very versitile and could be used for a variety of applications. It is mostly used in hospitals, but because the screens can have any image printed on them and are interchangeable, they can be used in a multitude of locations such as partitioning areas of a retail store.

100% Kwick Screen from NDA Foundation on Vimeo.

100% Design is a great show to go to for some inspiring ideas whilst not getting too overwhelmed and exhausted. The seminars were excellent and another reason to attend. The new layout worked out well. Definitely a show to watch out for next year.

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