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The BA (Hons) Heritage Interior Design course is the ideal course for those wishing to enter into the world of work as an interior designer with a specialist interest in heritage style. At NDA 'online flexible learning' means exactly that! Unlike other institutions, at NDA there are no terms or semesters, you can choose your own start date and study at your own pace – not the pace dictated by the institution or other students. At NDA we treat every student as an individual. Find out more.

About the course

The BA (Hons) Heritage Interior Design course is aimed at students who are passionate about heritage interior design and crave the opportunity to further enhance their knowledge and skill set of this specialist market. This course offers students the opportunity to specialise and focus on their main area of interest; older properties, whilst also enabling them to learn more about the complex design considerations necessary when looking to redesign listed or period properties.

This course is the perfect academic progression for students who have already successfully completed the Diploma in Professional Interior Design Skills with the National Design Academy or alternatively a previous qualification in a relevant subject. This may also be a suitable pathway for students with in-depth industry experience. It will allow students to build on their existing knowledge of interior design whilst specialising in older buildings.

This course covers a wide range of modules aimed at guiding students through the required processes in order to ensure that their design projects exactly match the specifications of a client brief, whilst also producing a design that is fully compliant with any rules and regulations surrounding this type of project. The modules for the full BA (Hons) Heritage Interior Design degree will cover a variety of core topics, whilst also providing students with a solid background in business advice and practice, invaluable skills when looking to set up a business in the design market or working as a freelance designer.

Teaching and learning

This BA (Hons) degree is studied part-time, flexibly online through our specially created Virtual Learning Studio (VLS) via the internet using your computer. Here you can access numerous links to interior design information, and you can contact your personal tutor direct. The course is designed to fit around your work & home life. You will receive informative and timely feedback on your assignments from your personal Tutor; you will not have to take an examination. You can telephone the NDA Helpline at any time (Monday - Friday 9.00.a.m. - 5.00.p.m.) to receive an instant answer to your question from a member of our Tutor Team. You can make new friends and keep in touch with other students and alumni and share ideas and see examples of other students work, through our lively Student Forum.

The majority of NDA students will complete their BA (Hons) Degree online in just 3 years, others may take a little longer and a few may need the maximum study time of 8 years. Find out more

Employability & progression

Further education

Following the successful completion of the BA (Hons) Heritage Interior Design course, many students opt to further enhance their CVs and knowledge of the interior design market by completing the MA Interior Design course with the National Design Academy. This qualification will help add further credibility to a student’s CV whilst continually building on the skill set and knowledge of the design market as a whole.

Many students will also often choose to enrol on to an alternative diploma level course such as the Diploma in Garden Design Skills or the Diploma in Skills for Curtain Making and Soft Furnishings. These additional qualifications on a CV allow students to prove that they have a broad knowledge of the design market and aids their credibility in the market when pitching to clients.


The BA (Hons) Heritage Interior Design course offers students the opportunity to promote themselves to clients and employers as a professional interior designer with a specialist knowledge of older buildings and with a proven academic knowledge of the design world.

Many of our students will be employed in a design-based company where they hold a designer role specialising in older properties. Alternatively, we have many students who have set up their own interior design practices that focus on listed buildings and heritage design or alternatively those who wish to work on a freelance basis.

Take a look through some of our case studies from past BA (Hons) Heritage Interior Design students and see how they found the course.

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Why choose the BA (Hons) Heritage Interior Design course?

The NDA offers a unique and flexible way to achieve BA (Hons) degree.

  1. Students enrol and complete the Foundation of Arts (FdA) Heritage Interior Design degree (Levels 4 & 5 - equivalent to years 1 & 2 at university)
  2. Students then complete the BA (Hons) Heritage Interior Design Top Up degree course (Level 6 – equivalent to year 3 at university).

Studying for a BA (Hons) degree via the FdA route provides students with more options

  1. Students can transfer onto an alternative BA (Hons) *
  2. Students who need to exit their course early at the end of level 4 will still receive the university Certificate in Interior Design
  3. Students who need to exit their course early at the end of level 5, will be awarded a Foundation of Arts (FdA) in Interior Design degree instead of failing their BA (Hons) degree
  4. Students can ‘take a break’ before starting their final year
  5. Students may complete their BA (Hons) degree at a future date by direct entry onto the final year top up degree course

This successful NDA route to a full BA (Hons) degree doesn’t take any longer, tuition fees are the same, but it offers students many more options and flexibility than a typical route to BA (Hons) degree course.

* additional modules may be required

Level 4

Equivalent to university year 1


  1. Research Skills & Contextualisation

    This Module includes an introduction to interior design, beginning with a guide to the history of interior design from the ancient world to the present day. This will also introduce you to the research skills you will need for the remainder of your degree course to help you to locate and obtain more information for each subject.

  2. Space Planning

    This Module investigates the way that interior space may be organised according to a particular set of requirements. These requirements vary according to the designated function of an interior. Whether a space is intended for residential or commercial use, appropriate space planning ensures that a space is used efficiently, comfortably and safely

  3. Design in Historical Context

    Interior design is been continually changing and has been moving forward for centuries. This progression was usually led by a combination of factors rooted in social change such as manners, politics and display or technological advancements. This Module examines those forces, for example the Italian Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and the Bauhaus, which continue to shape the culture in which we live. Responding to these cultural changes has defined our interior environments throughout the ages.

  4. Traditional Design Techniques

    Within this Module you will investigate those traditional design techniques and specialist paint finishes used when restoring or decorating traditional, historic or important houses primarily from the 18th and 19th centuries. The Module explains the principles and origins of these finishes as well as providing recipes and instructions for their production.

Exit award

Certificate in Higher Education Interior Design
(The qualification you will achieve should you leave before degree completion)

Level 5

Equivalent to university year 2


  1. Design for Listed Buildings

    This Module will enable you to understand the constraints, procedures and processes involved in the restoration and interior design of listed buildings. You will explore the relationship between regulatory and other controlling organisations, planning offices and client intentions as well as examine the work of leading practitioners working within this stimulating area of interior design.

  2. Wall, Floor & Window Treatments for Heritage Buildings

    Walls, floors and windows are fundamental elements of interior design and the way that they are treated or decorated can completely transform the way that an interior looks and feels. This Module looks in detail at these elements and their possible decoration, preservation, style and practical options available to an interior designer working within a heritage context.

  3. Professional Practice

    This Module focuses on starting your own business in interior design and explains the structure of a professional design practice. You will cover the business side of Professional Practice. This will include everything from day to day operations to how to accurately produce a financial forecast and prepare a thorough three-year business plan with cash flow projections and designated budgets.

  4. Final Project

    Within this Module you are encouraged to evidence your creativity through the research, development and completion of a specific major interior design project.

Exit award

Foundation Degree in Interior Design
(The qualification you will achieve should you leave before degree completion)

Level 6

Equivalent to university year 3


  1. Heritage Conversions

    This Module will guide you through the different approaches taken by designers working within the field and help you to develop an approach which recognises the importance of protecting and enhancing the integrity of the building whilst developing stylish interiors that fulfil the demands of contemporary living and working.

  2. Research Project

    You will be considering your previous heritage design experience and skills acquisition in order to plan a major project or dissertation that progresses your aspirations for your career development. It is envisaged that this project or dissertation will inform your Heritage Interior Design Independent Special Study Project.

  3. Independent Study

    This module is a double-length Module (60 credits) which will be based upon clear proposals with specific criteria. The subject area for assessment will be established in discussion with your tutor in addition to fulfilling criteria set down by Staffordshire University and the National Design Academy. Within the course of the Independent Special Study Project you will be expected to develop innovative ideas in response to a clearly defined brief appropriate to heritage interior design.

Final qualification

BA (Hons) Heritage Interior Design
(The qualification you will achieve upon completion of the course)

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