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The Resurgence of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ Art Deco Influences

To welcome the new decade, say hello to a revival of Art Deco influences filtering into Design trends this year to reflect the 1920’s.

Art Deco and the 1920’s represent indulgence, glamour and exuberance. Characterised by rich colours and bold geometrics with lavish ornamentation has always been one of the most popular design periods and styles continually emerging in different ways.

The Pantone colour this year is ‘Classic Blue’ which appropriately echo’s the deep, bold lavish colours associated with Art Deco influences and coincides clearly with the geometric patterns typical of the period. Copper, gold and stainless steel can be seen below alongside plush fabrics and luxurious prints.

The wallcoverings below highlight the Art Deco inspired shapes. Rose gold patterns feature the iconic Art Deco motifs with fresh, elegant colour choices for 2020.

Inspired by the architecture during this movement, the below left images illustrate the classic arch shape of different sizes that are combined to form a geometric design perfect for contemporary spaces from mural wallpapers UK and Olivia & Poppy. The colour of the year (Neo Mint) can also been seen below within the interesting pattern arches. This cool and calm shade is similar to Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2020, Tranquil Dawn.

Classic, eye catching accessories become focal points in upcoming spring collections. From the Hendricks Chair featured below (Atkin & Thyme) to the Nordal Art Deco brass with black glass drinks trolley from (Accessories for the Home), these Art Deco inspired pieces create a real statement. Often paired and work well bold colours and a patterned wallpaper.

One of the other significant Art Deco design trends was the use of bold geometric shapes and patterns, softened by colour or use of metallics. These geometric shapes can also been seen within these fabulous interlaid marble effect wall tiles, creating versatility as well as changing the whole ambience of a space.

For those of you that may desire the ‘Great Gatsby’ Art Deco interior look and love the geometric pattern and glamour of the roaring 20’s, handmade decorative cushions by Red Bubble, characterises the rich colours and linear patterns can add the dramatic effect and work alongside your existing designs.

We may even see a revival of ‘fringing’ to convey the typical flapper dress style represented through cushions and light fittings shown below.

So keep an eye out for these patterns, colours and styles coming through this year to reflect the resurgence of Art Deco influences.

Is Art Deco interior design one of your favourites? We’ve created a Pinterest board to give you a little more inspiration. Patterns, textures, colours to throw you right back to the roaring 20s! Let us know what you think!

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