NDA Progression Scholarships

Progression Scholarships for ALL NDA International Students!

As all profits remain in the Foundation for the benefit of our students we are pleased to offer a generous Progression Scholarship to all NDA students, awarded at the end of every course they study to assist them to progress onto a higher level course.

The scholarship will reduce tuition fees for their next course, provided they have enrolled with NDA onto their new course within 4 months.

Direct Entry Degree students will only be eligible for Scholarships after they have completed their first course with NDA.

Progression Scholarship of $624 for Tuition Fees

If you start your next course within 4 months
NDA Diploma – progress to Full BA (Hons)
$624 in total – $208 fee refund at the end of each year/level
NDA BA (Hons) – progress to Master’s Degree (MA)
$624 fee refund on completion.

If you have any questions about Progression Scholarships please contact admissions@nda.ac.uk or studentsupport@nda.ac.uk.