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Zoomorphic Collection by ibride

Zoomorphic by ibride, a unique furniture collection…

If you’ve never heard of them, then let me introduce to you a company called Ibride…..who you might ask?  Well, they are a French furniture company that make some of the most fun and unusual pieces of furniture a designer could wish for. 

Blog - IBride Zoomorphic Collection 6

Among their many collections, Ibride have created a range known as Zoomorpic.  This collection is quite literally a menagerie of animals.


Key pieces include Bambi, a Doe inspired chest of drawers.  With all the functionality of a regular console table, the Bambi dresser is perfect for entrances and hallways, adding a whimsical feel and representing the playfulness and fragility of this beautiful animal.

Blog - IBride Zoomorphic Collection 1


Then there is Junon, the Goose shaped bedside table.  This helpful goose comes complete with storage, a handy usb port and to cap it all, quite literally, a bankers style cap that filters a soft light cast from her head creating a beautiful mood lighting effect.

iBride Zoomorphic Collection 2


One of the most interesting pieces within the Zoomorphic Collection has to be, Maturin, the donkey desk.  Connected and equipped with luminous LEDs, this very distinctive writing desk is powered by a cable that has been expertly disguised as a bridle. Maturin conceals a sliding storage space and a number of secret drawers for letters. When you have finished writing those letters, the finely crafted sliding screen can be closed shut to conceal the functional space, just like on old writing bureaus of the past.

Blog - IBride Zoomorphic Collection 3


Finally, and perhaps my absolute favourite are the Ravens.  A collection of less functional but no less adorable birds, that will add a sense of fun to any decorative scheme.  These simple but thoughtfully crafted birds are a must for those wanting to introduce a talking point to their interior.  My particular favourite has to be Edgar, a stylish Raven who would make quite the impression within any design scheme.

iBride Zoomorphic Collection 4

With the Zoomorphic Collection, everyone will have their own favourite, which I hope by now you have found.  Should you choose to adopt one of these delightful creatures, you can be sure that it will make a style statement like no other and is bound to raise a smile or two when someone comes to visit.

Blog - IBride Zoomorphic Collection 7

What do you think of the collection? Would you have one of these pieces in your home?

Thanks for reading!


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