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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

If you are struggling for something to do this summer, why not take a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park? Not only will it get your creative juices flowing but it’s also a lovely day out for all the family to enjoy. Here are just a few of the artist whose work can be seen in the grounds and galleries.  

Ursula von Rydingsvard

This renowned American Sculptress creates large scale pieces carved from cedar wood. The work has a depth and texture to it and on closer inspection you can see that the inspiration for some of these pieces has been taken from everyday objects. 

Sculpture Park

Tom Frost 

Tom Frost is an illustrator from South Wales. He takes his inspiration from nature. Although YSP is primarily filled with sculptures, the galleries contain some lovely work from artists who specialise in other mediums, there really is something for everyone.

Tom Price

Tom Price is an artist who focuses on human form and emotion using a number of different mediums to get his point across. The image below focuses on the modern man, and tackles the issue of the identity of black males in art and cultural history. 

Lucy and Jorge Orta

There are many themes seen throughout the art exhibited in the park, another example of this is the work of Lucy and Jorge Orta who use sculpture to represent their views on biodiversity, sustainability and environmental issues. 

Sculpture Park

Julian Opie

Two of the images below show how sculpture and multimedia can be combined to create something special. The use of light and movement within Julian Opie’s work is extremely eye-catching and the movement of the horse can be seen through the trees at all angles. The fantastic thing about this piece is that depending on where you stand the movement of the horse looks different. 

Peter Liversidge

Similarly, Peter Liversidge uses light to explore his ideas of art and performance. He sees the two as heavily linked and there is often some humour to his pieces. 

Sophie Ryder

The final artist to introduce to you is Sophie Ryder, she is a long standing friend of the parks and two of her pieces can be seen on long term loan. This quote from Sophie perfectly sums up her work. “I sculpt characters and beings – the dogs, the hares, the Minotaur’s – are all characters beyond animal form. I am not interested in making a replica. If you would put a real hare next to one of mine you would see great differences.” (

Sculpture Park


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Askew-Payler, A. (2014) Tom Price; Modern Man, [photograph]. Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Askew-Payler, A. (2014) Lucy and Jorge Orta; Water Sprite, [photograph]. Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Askew-Payler, A. (2014) Julian Opie; Running Horse, [photograph]. Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Askew-Payler, A. (2014) Peter Liversidge; Everything Is connected, [photograph]. Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Askew-Payler, A. (2014) Sophie Ryder; Hare, [photograph]. Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

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