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We Interview the Tessuto Interiors Team

In our fourth Industry Professional video series we interview the Tessuto team to find out about working in the Interior Design industry. We asked them some important questions regarding working for Tessuto, their past experience and role within the company and they share their advice for those of you who are interested in working in the interior design industry.

Watch our video interview with the Tessuto team below to hear their advice.

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 We interview the Tessuto Interiors Team

[Susannah Machin; Senior Designer]

I’ve been here for about 3 years and I studied furniture and product design.

[Bella Stockdale Williamson; Junior Interior Designer]

I did a Bachelor of Interior Design back in Australia. I’m a junior designer and I did an internship when I first started.

[Jon Bond; Interior Designer]

I’ve been here for just over 3 years and I did a Diploma in Architecture & Interior Design. I do quite a lot of the drawing and the photography work as well, which is quite good fun. You get to see all of the projects right up to finish, so it’s interesting to see the completed item.

[Steve Newton; Interior Designer]

I have a degree in property development and a diploma in interior design. My role involves largely, a lot of the technical drawing but also I will do scheming, down to site visits, site installation.

What is your favourite part of the job?

[Susannah Machin; Senior Designer]

It’s really great that I’ve got such a brilliant team and everyone can get involved in a project and get involved with the concepts and the drawing.

[Bella Stockdale Williamson; Junior Interior Designer]

It’s really nice because you can ask questions and people tend to know a lot about a certain thing and you can really learn.

[Steve Newton; Interior Designer]

I enjoy technical drawing, trying to create stuff and then it’s nice to see it implemented later on. But also I do enjoy all the colour sourcing so when you see it in the place and the clients happy – it’s important.

What are the biggest challenges associated with your role?

[Bella Stockdale Williamson; Junior Interior Designer]

Knowing the projects, knowing names, processes, following up on things.

[Susannah Machin; Senior Designer]

Budget constraints are also quite difficult.

[Steve Newton; Interior Designer]

It’s rewarding when you have a small space and then space planning is very key and you have to make the space work, so it’s challenges that you enjoy.

What advice would you offer an intern?

[Bella Stockdale Williamson; Junior Interior Designer]

Give everything a go, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

[Susannah Machin; Senior Designer]

You have to be aware about what the job entails when you actually do it because the design part does actually shrink.

[Steve Newton; Interior Designer]

When you do find an internship, just do whatever it is that you’re asked to do, just make the most of it. To start off you have to start at the bottom and work your way up and that’s my main advice just get involved with whatever is being offered.

[Hayley Steedman; Junior Interior Designer]

Just get stuck in. There’s never enough time on a course to get really in-depth, so you learn a lot more, I think, on an internship than you do on a course. Going out to meet the client, actually seeing spaces, coming up with ideas and hearing a response from a client immediately instead of it being a project. Yes, just go out and start trying to get in somewhere.

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