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Virtuzone: Why is Obtaining an Interior Design License Important?

How to Obtain an Interior Design License:

In many parts of the world including the UAE, interior design is a licensed profession. This means you must have at least a certain level of qualification and a license to practise professionally.  

Whether you’re looking to set up your own company, work as a freelancer or work for an interior design company, gaining the proper qualification is essential.

To discuss this important part of professional practice, the National Design Academy recently welcomed Conor Molloy from Virtuzone. Conor came to the NDA studio in Dubai to speak to our students and local interior designers about the importance of gaining your licence.  




How Virtuzone Can Help:

Virtuzone’s mission is to remove the complexities of setting up a company in the UAE so that you can focus on running your businesses. They make it easy for you to practise your craft and not run the risk of hefty fines or legal issues.  

Massive infrastructure investment in the MENA region has seen a growing number of freelancers, especially in the Interior Design sector, meaning it is critical to ensure you are doing it the right way.  

The first step in obtaining your license or being eligible for a company work visa, is your qualification. Our Professional Diploma in Interior Design is accredited by AIM Awards, OFQUAL and recognised by KHDA, meaning upon successful completion you will be free to practice interior design legally.  

At the National Design Academy, we are focused on making sure our students get the most up to date, relevant information to help them as they embark on their exciting career in the Design Industry.



Why do I need a license? 

A valid license is required to carry out any business in the UAE. You have to be licensed to register VAT, invoice clients and avoid fines. The DED will fine anyone working without a license.  

How do I get a license?

With a service like Virtuzone, you could have a trade license within just two days; they will guide you through every step of the process and even do the admin for you.  



What are the requirements?

Virtuzone can look at many options for Interior Designers depending on things like the work they will be carrying out and project size, but gaining an accredited qualification is the best place to start to obtain a license in free zones. 

What kind of license do I need?

There are three kinds of license depending on what type of business you are operating. The three relevant licenses are, Mainland LLC, Free zone and Freelance Permit.  

Watch the presentation by Conor Molloy from Virtuzone to find out more on all of the questions and how to get your license:

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