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Up-cycling is the hottest new trend

NDA student Karen lane loves restoring old and unused furniture, she often looks for second-hand goods “up-cycle”. With times of austerity upon us, “up-cycling” is becoming the hottest new way of re-decorating without the huge price tag.

Here, Karen gives us some examples of pieces she’s restored and how she went about doing it! So if you fancy re-vamping a room or particular piece of furniture check out Karens tips below. Or, if you’d like Karen to sprinkle some of her design magic on your old furniture, you can contact her through her website Autograph Interior Designs.

If your inspired by Karens designs and fancy sprucing up on your design skills and want to gain credible qualifications, you can visit our website You can also check out our tutor team and read interviews from our past and present students for more information about what the NDA can offer you.

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