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UCAS Convention Manchester and London

Here at the National Design Academy we are very excited to announce that we will be appearing at the UCAS London convention on 14th and 15th November followed by the UCAS convention in Manchester on the 25th and 26th of November.

NDA have attended this event for the past few years and have found that the relaxed atmosphere combined with the open plan style of the room helps to make the day an enjoyable and informative event for all involved.

With the recession currently in full swing and the pressure of constantly rising university fees, we like to think that we offer our students an alternative route to university education. The proposition of online distance learning that we offer here at the National Design Academy means that our students are able to work full or part-time whilst still ensuring that they gain that vital degree to help shape their future career. All course materials are available online via our Virtual Learning Studio allowing our students to login wherever they have an internet connection.

We welcome a multitude of students from all over the country as well as internationally and from varying age groups. With a wide range of qualifications available from diplomas in interior design to BA (Hons) and even masters degrees, there are plenty of options to consider.

Our Interior Design BA (Hons) tends to be our most popular degree course for students attending the UCAS convention, as it offers the perfect step up for most students who have completed their A Levels. Whilst an A Level in Art or Design will be required to register for the BA (Hons) degree, it is also possible to complete our Diploma in Interior Design first, thus providing you with the correct educational background to start the BA (Hons) qualification.

To find out more information come and talk to us at our stands. The staff running our stand in London will be Vicky Arbuthnot, Senior Design Tutor at NDA, as well Sarah Lockett, Design Tutor for NDA. Vicky will also be running the Manchester stand alongside Helen Keighley, Academy Director of Quality and Business here at NDA.

Vicky Arbuthnot

Vicky is the senior tutor at the National Design Academy and once again this year, will be delivering a seminar at the London UCAS event, talking about the diverse and ever changing nature of the interior design industry and what paths students can take in their career.

Vicky studied interior design at Liverpool John Moores University and through her studies, was able to focus her interests reflecting mid-century modern designs and those of the era’s foremost designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen and Pierre Koenig. Her passion for the era has not diminished and she continues to use the basic principles of the mid-century modern era throughout her work today.

Nowadays, Vicky’s focus lies within the graphics sector; combining the best of interiors and graphic production into her freelance work, working with a wide range of clients to help develop business identities, corporate branding and products.

Sarah Lockett

Sarah graduated with a BA (Hons) Interior Design from the University of Huddersfield, focusing her interests on exhibition, retail and commercial design. Her love for interior design originates from undertaking a 3D Spatial Design course whilst studying graphics and illustration at college, where the world of interior design began and a new passion for design started.

Sarah’s industry experience ranges from exhibition design to residential sales, working on projects for brand names and organisations such as Waitrose and the Great Yorkshire Show. Sarah combines her passion for design with her love of teaching, providing tutoring for interior design students at diploma level through to BA level and teaches several of the NDA’s workshops.

She continues to apply her artistic background and experience to freelance projects ranging from interior schemes through to illustrations and visualisations.

Helen Keighley

UCAS is a great time for meeting prospective students. Each year there has been more and more interest in online learning with most universities offering some online courses now. The great thing about the NDA degrees is that we’ve probably been doing it online longer so have more experience. If you want to go and live away from home and have the university experience then you should but many students now want to get onto the jobs ladder as soon as possible and I genuinely believe that studying online while doing work experience in a practice, possibly for no pay, gives you the best possible opportunity of getting a job – you will be work ready whereas those coming from a university environment may not be. Come and talk to us on the stand.

We look forward to seeing you there!


For more information about the courses offered at NDA visit:

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