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Tutor Spotlight: Alison Grace-Gahan

“I have so many experiences I love passing on to new, up and coming designers” – Alison Grace-Gahan

Meet NDA Senior Tutor in Dubai, Alison Grace-Gahan. Alison joined the National Design Academy to support the team in Dubai, and deliver in-studio courses to international students at the NDA Dubai studio. Since joining, she has already carried out multiple in-studio courses and helped many students across the UAE and beyond begin their journey to becoming Interior Designers. Alison is passionate about introducing, nurturing, and encouraging creativity through design projects, design writing and design tutoring.

Alison Grace-Gahan

Qualified in Art and Design, Alison has worked across Interior Design, Architecture and Project Management. Involved in a number of fields including, residential, commercial, hotel, conservation and more. Along with this wealth of experience, Alison has gained International exposure working on projects across Europe, Australia and Dubai thus strengthening her understanding of the industry, design trends and developments.

Get to know Alison by watching the video below:

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We hope you enjoyed the video, and it has inspired you to go after a dream career in Interior Design!

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