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Trend Report Winter 2023

Silver, Chrome, Aluminium & Iron

Winter Interior Trend Report 2023: Silver, Chrome, Aluminium, and Iron

Within interior design we have long been immersed in the cosy embrace of bronze, gold, and copper tones. However, a new trend is emerging – the cool touch of silver metals, offering a refreshing contrast that catches the eye. Expect to see more chrome, mirror, stainless steel, nickel, aluminium, and iron this winter and into 2024. 



“I’m feeling less excitement around materials like natural brass and more interest for polished aluminium, stainless steel and nickel.” – Robert D McKinley, an Interior designer known for his work in the hospitality and luxury lifestyle sector. 

Food Waste Furniture

Working with nature, regenerative design helps the environment and nurtures the life within it. The focus being on natural replenishment which builds a richer ecology, giving back to a landscape rather than taking from it. This movement is transforming design and surface material trends, revolutionising how we innovate, manufacture, and construct. It is our role as interior designers, architects, and product designers to push the boundaries of waste. We need to guide clients towards celebrating these new, innovative surface waste material trends. 

Earthy Tones

Muted shades of terracotta, pinks, browns, green, mustard, and plum. 

Earthy tones have captured our attention throughout 2023 due to their calming effects and associations with nature. As winter approaches, this timeless trend shows no signs of waning. 


Mauve, peach, corals – I’m loving shades of pink right now. It feels feminine and a softer way to incorporate colour.” – Jake Arnold 


Terracotta accents add a rustic charm and warmth to a space. This can be introduced through pottery, vases, cushions, and artwork. Consider using muted pink within wallcoverings or upholstery for a soft and calming effect – it can be balanced with deeper colours such as plum to avoid overwhelming the space. Opting for brown furniture pieces such as wooden tables or leather seating will complement this earthy palette. Introducing green through potted plants or botanical prints will bring a refreshing element to the space. Lively mustard accents like throw cushions or decorative items can add a touch of vibrancy to a room. 


The key to incorporating these colours is to distribute them evenly throughout the rooms to create a harmonious flow. Avoid concentrating too much of one colour in a single area. Experiment with different combinations until you achieve the cosy yet moody atmosphere you are aiming for. 

Paper & Fabric Lighting 

Throughout 2023, there has been a significant rise in the paper lighting trend, in particular, papier mâché. Providing an understated elegance, paper and fabric lighting introduces warmth and cosiness to a space through its subtle illumination. This trend is leaving its impression on several spaces, including homes, offices, and hospitality venues. 


Adding an extra layer of artistry to paper and fabric lighting, papier mâché takes centre stage. This ancient craft involves the use of paper pulp, often reinforced with textiles, to create intricate and durable forms. From floral motifs to abstract designs, papier mâché can elevate lighting to a form of artistic expression. Marie Michielssen’s Earth collection for Serax reflects the designer’s love of papier mâché, reusing materials and all the raw and rough elements of design. 


Paper lighting is not just a fleeting trend; it is a timeless choice that stands the test of changing design sensibilities. Its ability to blend seamlessly with different aesthetics and its capacity to evoke emotions through light and form make it a lasting presence in interior design.  



Colour Drenching 

Colour drenching is not about following a trend; it is about creating a lasting impact on your space. The concept is remarkably simple yet powerful: paint everything the same shade – walls, woodwork, ceiling, radiators, and some even go as far as furniture. At its core, colour drenching takes simplicity to a new level – by embracing a single colour throughout a room, you infuse harmony and cohesiveness into your design. 


Interior Designer, Abigail Ahern says that “One of the amazing things about colour drenching is that the walls and ceilings effectively disappear and become an amazing backdrop to all of your interesting furnishings and decor.”  


The first step involves selecting your main colour and deciding how extensively you would like to apply the colour drenching technique. Just by focusing on the walls, skirting, and ceiling, you can make a significant impact on the space, often achieving the desired effect. Remember, the colour you choose plays the most crucial role in shaping the atmosphere. For instance, a lighter, neutral tone will create an illusion of spaciousness and calm. On the other hand, using a stronger, darker colour can create a cosy and intimate ambiance. 


This design approach has gained significant popularity, and brands such as Farrow and Ball have made it easier than ever by innovating a multi-surface, long-lasting Dead Flat Paint. This paint’s unique attributes ensure that your chosen hue appears consistent across different surfaces, creating an uninterrupted flow of colour.  




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