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TREND: Five Key Design Trends for 2018

Step into spring with the hottest design trends of 2018

In this blog we’re looking at 5 key design trends emerging for 2018. The 5 trends are all extremely different pulling inspiration from different eras and societal needs making for an interesting mix of styles.


NDA_Trend_Blog_2018_Design_TrendsSource: Nicolas Dorval-Bory Architects

The trend of bringing serious personality to a space using tiles, has been emerging over the last few years. Terrazzo seems to have evolved from this, but there is nothing subtle about the Terrazzo trend.

First bursting onto the Interior Design scene back in the 70’s, it’s back with vigour in 2018. Terrazzo’s use in Modern interiors, definitely takes a more measured approach. It is mostly being used against neutral backgrounds to offer impact, without overwhelm. The colourful tiles bring huge interest to a space and the more subtle tones give a timeless, classic aesthetic to a room.

NDA_Trend_Blog_2018_Design_Trends_1 (Pinterest)Source: Pinterest

As the composite can be both expensive and a commitment, we’re seeing a lot of takes on the design in more affordable, smaller interior items such as planters and kitchen wares. Some designers have even taken inspiration from Terrazzo for wallpaper designs.

Dark Woods

NDA_Trend_Blog_2018_Design_Trends_6 (Swoon Editions)Source: Swoon Editions

Could the Scandi, bleached wood trends really be over? Well we’re not quite sure of that, but we’re definitely seeing more and more people opting for bolder wood choices. Wood continues to be big from flooring to furniture, and darker furniture is definitely appearing thick and fast this year.

NDA_Trend_Blog_2018_Design_Trends_5 (thedashingrider)Source: thedashingrider

Pieces celebrating dark oak, walnut and even mahogany are being used to introduce some much needed warmth and depth to interiors this year. This warmth translates to other trends and themes we’re seeing this year, including research from Dulux claiming we’re all searching for comfort at home this year.

Most dark wood is being introduced in the form of minimal, retro shapes and similarly to the Terrazzo theme, paired with otherwise simple spaces allowing them to make a statement alone.

New Metallics

NDA_Trend_Blog_2018_Design_Trends_3 (Pinterest)Source: Pinterest

Certain metallics have definitely had more than their fair share of time in the spotlight over the last few years, but 2018 shows no sign of this slowing down. The major change we’re seeing for this year is the introduction of miss-matched mixed metals.

NDA_Trend_Blog_2018_Design_Trends_4 (David Chipperfield Architects)Source: David Chipperfield Architects

We’re also seeing a move away from the traditional use of copper and rose or yellow gold. Although these still feature, there’s an increase of brass, nickel and other more industrial metallics. This also incorporates the next trend in this blog, texture.

Metallics are being used to add style and depth to a room over shine and glamour. Along with accessories being used to bring metallic into an interior, we’re seeing metals being incorporated in a much braver way. Wall coverings, cabinetry and staircases are just a few of the ways the new metallic trend is bringing luxury and excitement to interiors.


NDA_Trend_Blog_2018_Design_Trends_9 (CasaHaus)Source: Casa Haus

Texture is the another big design trend this year. Much like the other trends, we’ve seen elements of texture emerging over the last couple of years, from the return of rattan to the obsession with velvet. Think anything you want to touch.

NDA_Trend_Blog_2018_Design_Trends_10 (CasaHaus)Source: Casa Haus

The difference this year is that they’re coming together, with more and more natural textures being introduced to the home. Along with the blending of contrasting textures, we’ve seen textures become more diverse with, embellishments and raw edges changing formally simple interior accessories.

The great thing about texture is it can be introduced to any style or space. No matter the colour of a space, playing with texture will lift and add interest to the area.

Global Influences

NDA_Trend_Blog_2018_Design_Trends_7 (decoratorsnotebook)Source: decoratorsnotebook

The design trend in this list that has taken most influence from the perceived needs of people this year is ‘global interiors’. Travel has always influenced Interior Design, but this has soared more than ever this year as travel continues to become an even larger part of peoples lives.

Global Interiors are influenced by the beautiful colours, patterns and materials found throughout different areas of the world. This style includes a lot of clay, terracotta and leather. The use of these tactile, natural materials also blends seamlessly with the texture trend too.

NDA_Trend_Blog_2018_Design_Trends_8 (

Genuine, exotic artefacts, local artisan textiles, tribal patterns or wooden finds, along with plants hung in macramé are sure to be seen everywhere throughout global interiors.

Which is your favourite design trend of 2018?

Thanks for reading!

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