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TREND: Christmas Interior Decor

Christmas décor is the perfect excuse to bring a whole new look to your interior. You can either choose to stick to the style of your home, or experiment with a completely different genre just for a few weeks. The variety of Christmas interior décor trends just keeps on growing, so in today’s blog we’re going to look at a just few of those styles.


Scandinavian décor is a huge trend in Christmas décor this year. Its minimalist approach fits perfectly into smaller spaces and is ideal for rooms with neutral palettes and lots of natural light. The style follows the 2017 thread of ‘greenery’ with the use of foliage along with natural woods. Stars, lights and greys also trend throughout this particular genre of Christmas interiors.

Christmas Decor NDA BlogSource:

Christmas Decor Blog 1Source: Pinterest

Bright Texture:

In recent years trends have seemed to steer clear of colour, well this year that’s changed. Primary colours, neons and playful décor is back in this holiday season. In most of the designs in this style it is once again paired with a more minimal home, this doesn’t mean the decorations themselves are minimal though. The quieter backdrop allows these bold designs to brighten and add some fun to the space for the festive period without becoming tacky or overwhelming.

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Although gold is nothing new when it comes to Christmas décor, it has traditionally been paired with reds and green to create a timeless, classic look. While this powerful colour trio is a Christmas staple and remains throughout many Christmas interior designs this year, gold is coming into its own and bringing all of the Christmas charm you could want all by itself.

Christmas Decor Blog 6 - Etsy (stephlovesben)Source: stephlovesben via Etsy

Christmas Decor Blog 5 - AnthropologieSource: Anthropologie

Wall Trees:

A final trend that has exploded onto the scene this year is a very different kind of ‘tree’. The style seems to come hand in hand with that overarching minimalist style and favouring of natural foliage. This could be the perfect compromise for a minimal space, or even a budget friendly or environmental option for the conscious design homes.

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No matter which Christmas décor style you go with this year, we hope you have a brilliant festive season. Thanks for reading!

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