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TREND: Christmas Gift Wrap Design

Tis the season to be jolly! It’s also the season for giving, so here is some gift wrap inspiration and a look at some of the latest trends in present coverings; and don’t worry, they don’t take too much time! 

The art of gift wrapping has been around for centuries and as design lovers, we can sometimes be more excited about the gift wrap than the actual gift. Admittedly, it can be little dumbfounding when we see our gifts are being ripped open when we took such care choosing the wrapping, but this doesn’t stop us going back for a new design theme every year.

Blog - Christmas Wrapping Trends 6Source: Burkatron

Inspiration and techniques to help you achieve the perfect gift wrap look is everywhere during the festive season, with gift wrap trends normally reflecting the trends in lifestyle and interiors throughout the year. Choosing the look you want to achieve can be approached in the same way you pick out your interiors, so, let’s get to it…

Deciding on your colour scheme is essential, make sure your bows and ribbon are coordinated with your theme and choose paper and accessories that complement each other.  Well, we don’t need to remind you design enthusiasts about this, do we!

Currently trending are two very different looks; firstly a neutral palette of brown paper and burlap, and in complete contrast, the dark and moody trend of black or deep blue/green papers paired with dark opulent accessories.

Christmas Gift Wrap Design NDA BlogSource: Burkatron

Christmas Gift Wrap Design NDA BlogSource: 

These two trends have been on the rise over the last year or two and a notable addition to the neutral palette wraps this year is fresh greenery. A new trend this year has also been adding bold wrapping accessories such as neon pom-poms to a quieter backgrounds.

Christmas Gift Wrap Design NDA BlogSource:

Christmas Gift Wrap Design NDA BlogSource:

While bows are great if they match your theme, they are not the only finishing touch to make your gifts look wow. Try adding fresh foliage like rosemary or thyme, this will also add a lovely fragrance to the gift wrap. Ivy, eucalyptus or small wreaths, even pine cones also look striking perched on top of cute simple boxes. 

Christmas Gift Wrap Design NDA BlogSource:

Christmas Gift Wrap Design NDA BlogSource: PopSugar

This look is not exclusive to Christmas gift wrap, the style encapsulates the whole winter theme seen trending this year. If you are a perfectionist with style, you will probably be matching your gift wrap to your Christmas tree & interior festive colour scheme, especially if you put your gifts out before the big day.  There is nothing quite as exciting as a pile of beautifully wrapped gifts with all the bells and whistles laid out perfectly. It really gets you into the spirit of the season and adds that extra charm we love this time of year. 

Christmas Gift Wrap Design NDA BlogSource: Apartment34

Christmas Gift Wrap Design NDA BlogSource:

Top Tip: If you are travelling for Christmas wait until you arrive to your destination to wrap, tape and tie your gifts as nobody wants ripped paper and bruised bows.  If you are the creative one in your circle of friends and family, all eyes will be on you and your gifting wrapping style for this year. 

Christmas Gift Wrap Design NDA BlogSource: 

Enjoy wrapping and unwrapping all your beautiful gifts. Thanks for reading!


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