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TREND: Monochrome is in for 2018

As designers and bloggers conclude their interior design trend predictions for 2018, a trend we’re seeing mentioned over and over again is black and white. Monochrome is a classic combination, but in recent years we’ve seen trends favouring a commitment to either/or rather than bringing the two classics together.

TREND - Monochrome for 2018 Blog 8Source: Tamizo

TREND - Monochrome for 2018 Blog 9Source: Tamizo

Even within this simple palette, there are many styles to play with and different ways to execute those styles. Do you go for prints, or how about a traditional stripe? Will you focus on the wall and floor coverings or more in the accessories? Just how bold will you go with your choice? Will it be more dominant in black or white? The good news is, it is quite hard to go wrong with black and white, even if you end up merging styles, so this is a trend everyone can get on board with.

TREND - Monochrome for 2018 Blog 5Source: tumblr

TREND - Monochrome for 2018 Blog 13Source: Homes and Property

Monochrome may be the perfect way for those who normally favour light interiors, to introduce black into their spaces before committing fully to the dark intimidating interior trend. Black and white is also an ideal combination when experimenting with pattern for the first time. It allows for something a little more daring or bold such as Aztec print cushions or a large abstract wall art, without adding more noise to the area with colour.

TREND - Monochrome for 2018 Blog 12Source: tumblr

TREND - Monochrome for 2018 Blog 4Source: tumblr

This trend is also an ideal way to seamlessly blend old and new interiors. If you want to bring graphic prints or harsh lines into a Georgian home, selecting these items in black and white is a great way to maintain the classic thread throughout the two contrasting styles. Introducing one black wall, or painting the wall above the picture rail black is another way to bring a period home right up to date. Another modern take on the monochrome trend is pairing it with simple metallic accents, whether this be bathroom fixtures, lighting or tableware.

TREND - Monochrome for 2018 Blog 1Source: DecorPad

TREND - Monochrome for 2018 Blog 2Source:

Designer Nancy Fire of has this to say of the monochrome trend remerging throughout recent shows:

“Black and white patterns, prints, as well as home decor accessories were spotted in Paris, Madrid, and Lisbon, creating a fresh and updated vibe for interiors.”

TREND - Monochrome for 2018 Blog 7Source: The Home Journal

What do you think of this classic trend having yet another resurgence in the coming year?

The National Gallery is currently running ‘Monochrome: Painting in Black and White’. An exhibit with more than 50 works spanning from over 700 years filling seven rooms. The exhibit will be open until Feb 18.

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6 responses

  1. I love this post and pictures as well. It all looks so fresh, modern, and luxury. Mostly, I love black and white wall art; that looks amazing when furniture and details are black too. Actually, I’m thinking to decorate my home somehow similarly. I want it to be somehow special!

    1. Hi Dina,

      Thank you very much for your comment, we’re glad you enjoyed the blog.

      Many thanks,
      The NDA Team

  2. I truly like this post. I love monochromatic interiors and I ‘m so happy that it’s the trend for 2018. To me, it reflects opulence, high end yet simple and elegant. Thank you so much for this great post.

    1. Hi Azza,

      Thank you do much for the comment, we are glad you enjoyed the post.

      Many thanks,
      The NDA Team

  3. I would have never thought that monochrome would look such awesome you pictures change my perspective towards monochrome thanks a lot for sharing such quality content.

  4. Hey NDA,

    Thank-you so much for such a wonderful Blog. Very nice and elegant look with monochromatic interiors. These monochromatic interiors help to transform Home to a very classic style.

    Thank you once again for sharing this Blog…..!!!

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