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Tiny Crocheted Animals

 The collection of fingertip sized, tiny, crocheted animals by Su Ami have been firmly added to our ‘must have’ list.

Created by an incredibly talented family of artists, Su Ami are responsible for the incredibly cute, crocheted critters below. Here at the academy we are suckers for anything cute, animal related or purposelessly tiny, so we knew we had to share their amazing collection of tiny crocheted animal creations as soon as we saw them over on Ohh Deer.

Su Amia family of five artists from Vietnam custom make each miniature animal. Each one is lovingly micro-crocheted with embroidery or sewing threads, complete with sewn plastic eyes cored and stuffed with poly-fill. Not only are they cute, they are incredibly detailed. The amount of time and the level of detail to produce each one is evident, and well worth the cost if you want to treat yourself to one, or buy one for an animal obsessed friend.
miniature crochet cat by su ami

mini Crocheted Lion by Su Ami

miniture Crocheted  bunny by Su Ami

Maltese tiny crocheted dog by Su Ami

tiny crocheted cockatoo by  Su Ami

Tiny Crocheted Yorkshire terrier by Su Ami

Tiny miniture crocheted seal by Su Ami

miniture Crocheted owl by Su Ami

Each tiny crocheted animal is made to order and small enough to sit on your fingertip. They have a huge selection of animals available to buy in their online Etsy shop. We are officially addicted!







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