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Theme of the Month: Table Design

Table Design:

When we think of the common table, an ageing pair of bed-side ones, a splintered kitchen table top or a basic, flat-pack model might be conjured up. But no more, table design has evolved into a beautiful array of stylish yet functional designs that can become an instant talking point, or act as a stand-alone statement piece in any interior space.

The Folding Table

Table Design Image: Folding Table Accessed 29/04/2015.

Image: Folding Table Accessed 29/04/2015.

A beautifully crafted Dining Table that combines the traditional form of the iconic basic dining table and then completely subverts it. It would also make a great computer workstation. Its key feature is the ability to eat from both the top side and the underside of the table top, mixing form and function with ease.

The Illusion Side Table

Tall Illusion Table Design in White by John Brauer on

Image: The Illusion table. . Accessed 30/04/2015.

Elegantly designed, this side table creates a sense of illusion. The flowing tablecloth we expect to see draped over a table underneath is instead floating, almost eerily in mid-air. Designer John Brauer has managed to make the ordinary, seem anything but ordinary. The suggestion of a table is enough to suspend our disbelief for a second, before we can truly admire its simple yet effective design.

The Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table

The Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table Design by John Foster.

Image:The Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table. Accessed 30/04/15.

This one-of-a-kind Cocktail Table is a mesmerising fusion of glass and reflection. Using natural sunlight as a design feature, the prisms divides natural light into hundreds of rainbow reflections that create a mesmerising rainbow pattern across the interior walls and floor surfaces. Designed by John Foster, the “Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table” creatively uses sunlight as part of the interior décor.


Until next time, Anthony

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2 Responses

  1. The illusion side table is great. I am a kids magician and was looking for something like this and didnt expect to be coming to this site. Thanks for featuring it. You may well be responsible indirectly for the wonderment of small children at future birthday parties!


    1. Thank you Chris, we’re glad you found what you were looking for with the NDA. We hope the children like the Illusion table as much as we do Chris.

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