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Theme of the month: Vertical Indoor Planting

Vertical Indoor Planting 

Recycled pallet garden

This month I thought that we would have a look at the concept of vertical planting in the interior. Vertical gardening was really ‘invented’ by the French botanist and gardener, Patrick Blanc whose work still sets the bar with its breathtaking intensity of planting, sometimes over many storeys.  There are other, emerging practices that are beginning to specialise in vertical planting and indeed, indoor planting in general is currently undergoing something of a renaissance. We have, thank goodness, moved on from the half-dead Aspidistra in the draughty, Victorian hallway and are now exploring ways of presenting planting in fresh and inspiring ways. Vertical gardening is one of these opportunities to appreciate the qualities of plants without taking up all of your available floor space. From the huge, almost Baroque extravagances of Patrick Blanc and the incredibly versatile mobile vertical planters by Swedish design partnership, Greenworks, to the eco-chic recycled industrial pallet beds by Fern, at the Life on the Balcony blog  there is a vertical gardening opportunity that is perfect for your space, whatever its scale.

Moving Hedge is a double-sided plant wall on wheels with automatic watering system and pockets for plants. The wall is perfect as room-divider in office spaces, a corner builder for recreation spots or a green boost at any other public space that can benefit from air-cleaning, sound absorbing and overall aesthetic functions.

Moving Hedge


Recycled pallet garden by Fern (Online Image).  Available from: (Accessed 29/05/14)

Moving Hedge (2013)Greenworks (Online Image). Available from: (Accessed 29/05/14)

 Indoor office wall by Patrick Blanc (Online Image) and detail (Online Image). Available from Accessed: 29/05/14

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