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The Stylish Wallpaper and Fabric Designs of Barneby Gates and Bold & Noble

Sometimes it’s important to look beyond the high street and the interior design magazines. Sometimes the most stylish wallpaper and fabric creations are produced by smaller independent designers.

In this feature we’ll take a look at two such independent designers who are currently doing stunning things with wallpaper and fabric – Barneby Gates and Bold & Noble.

Barneby Gates Bold & Noble

Barneby Gates

Barneby Gates create fabric and wallpaper designs that add a contemporary twist to a quintessentially English feel. They take inspiration from the natural world, from insects, birds, fruit and wildlife.

Their designs are printed on fabrics made from a linen and cotton mix, making these suitable for upholstery, soft furnishing, curtains and blinds. Traditional block printing techniques are used to create bold designs with vivid colours.

Ex Vogue Living Editor, Vanessa Barneby graduated from Edinburgh University in 1999 and went on to study decorative painting, trompe l’oeil and restoration at Hampstead Decorative Arts in London. Her passion for furniture, textiles and print led to a position as an interiors stylist at House & Garden for 5 years. From 2004 until 2009 Vanessa was the Living Editor at British Vogue where predicting and writing about upcoming trends in design, styling shoots, and examining the correlation between fashion and interiors were all part of her job.

A fellow Edinburgh graduate, Alice Gates went on to study figurative painting overseas before achieving a Masters in Fine Art at The City & Guilds of London Art School. Her vivid, often narrative paintings, rooted in fashion illustration have been exhibited worldwide and featured in numerous publications including Vogue, Tatler and The Saturday Times Magazine. She has also collaborated with the fashion label Libelula, designing prints for their ready-to-wear collections.

Barnaby Gates, 2016

In many cultures across the world, the pineapple has always been used to symbolise home and hospitality. This bold pineapple design is available in a choice of colours: dramatic charcoal with golden fruits, or for a more contemporary twist, pink and red on cream:

Barneby Gates Pineapples Charcoal and Gold

Barneby Gates Pineapples Pink Red Cream

Designs featuring stags and antlers are as popular as they have ever been. Barnaby Gates has given this trend a unique twist with their range of wallpaper and fabrics. Claret, gold and duck egg blue have been used against a cotton linen mix to show highlight the deer skull and thistle, which has been arranged in a damask style repeat:

Barneby Gates Deer Damask

The wallpaper creates a striking impression, with its gold deer skulls and thistles printed onto bold coloured backdrops. Suitable for use in a traditional country style room, or perhaps in something a little more contemporary, both effects will add a touch of drama.

Mad as a March hare? You have to look carefully to see the pair of boxing hares in this design. The two hares form a trellis style pattern repeat:

Barneby Gates Boxing Hares

Bold & Noble

Bold & Noble was born at our kitchen table. Our vision: to create beautifully-made screen prints people would love. While Granny babysat, we worked nights on our first collection—which keeps on growing…

Bold and Noble, 2016

Creative directives Jane Tobitt and David Wardle pride themselves on producing beautifully made homeware, including a delightful range of artwork and wallpapers. Their prints take inspiration from nature and the environment, from maps and typography, and from people and icons.

We make products that stand the test of time, by hand, in the old-fashioned way. And we believe in living. If it’s a sunny day, we’ll be out there looking for inspiration—providing all the work’s done.

Bold and Noble 2016

Bold & Noble are proud of their green credentials. Their designs are printed by hand in Lancashire using traditional methods. They carefully choose materials for their textures, colour intensity, and coverage. Prints are produced using recycled card, and wallpapers are produced on PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) paper using water based inks:

Bold and Noble Autumn Charcoal

Bold and Noble Province Graphite

Bold and Noble Northeasterly Sunrise

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