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The NDA shares their alternative Christmas Tree ideas
An alternative Christmas tree

Whether you prefer a real tree or go faux each year, we continue our Christmas Countdown sharing some of our favourite alternative Christmas tree ideas to help you to transform your interior and to inspire your decorating this Christmas. 

Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

It’s that time of the year when we all rummage around in the loft looking for that box we have pushed to the back. This box contains an old, tired Christmas tree that only gets to see the light of day once a year. Not everyone wants a real tree; they can be messy and affect certain allergies.

However this does not mean that the tree, real or not, has to be the same as last year. This will hopefully give you some ideas if you are looking to decorate this year in a new and interesting way. Christmas can be expensive, so taking this into account; you might have something lying around that can help…

NDA's alternative Christmas Tree ideas and inspiration: For lovers of literature, create a Christmas tree out of books

The above might not to be everyone’s taste however this is an interesting way to use objects you might already have in your house to create an interesting feature this Christmas. Why not dust off those old books you have stacked on the shelves, arrange them to look like a tree and brighten them up with the use of fairy lights. As you can see from the images above you can still add some of the decorations you have, and why not consider adding a star to the top to finish the look off?

NDA's alternative Christmas Tree ideas and inspiration: For the eco-concious, create a Christmas tree out of bottles

For the more eco-conscious among you, how about using some of those empty bottles to create this impressive structure? This may be more suitable for an outside space and would definitely give the neighbours something to talk about. Here green glass bottles encompass the Christmas lights so they shine through to give the outside space of this pub a festive feel. Still not convinced? Below are a few more ideas which can be created on a budget, which might be more appropriate this Christmas.

NDA's alternative Christmas Tree ideas and inspiration: For the creative, create a Christmas tree out of wall decals or hanging baubles.

If you are struggling for space this year but still want to get some decorations up, how about taking some inspiration from the wall art above. Transfer stickers are great this time of year, because once Christmas is over you do not have to spend too much time taking down all those decorations, instead the sticker can be peeled right off.

Not only could this be used as an alternative to a real tree, it would also look great in a child’s bedroom, without making any of the mess. You do not have to stick to a 2D design, by using some hooks and a bit of string you could create your own wall art, hanging some of your own decorations in the shape of a tree.

NDA's alternative Christmas Tree ideas and inspiration: For the creative, create a Christmas tree out of minimalistic twig and bauble decorations

Overly decorated trees, tinsel and fairy lights, might not suit everybody’s styles so how about creating a more minimal feature this Christmas. Branches found in local parks or plants you already have in your house or garden could be given new life this season, and again is a great way so creating a feature without all the cost. Not only could this be used to create an alternative Christmas tree but it might also give you some ideas when it comes to decorating your Christmas table.

Hopefully we have given you some ideas that you can use this Christmas, so why not spend this weekend creating something new, rather than spending all day in a dark cupboard searching for angels who have lost a wing?


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Christmas 2015 at the NDA

With the countdown to Christmas 2015 in full swing, the National Design Academy team are officially counting down! We held our final open day of the year today, a special Christmas extravaganza where our prospective students got to see the NDA in all its Christmas finery, decorated for the festive season.

If you missed our last open day of the year we have lots more open days planned for in the new year. But in the mean time you can take a tour of the festive decorated NDA!

Christmas 2015

Seasons greetings from everyone here at the NDA!

Christmas Interior Inspirations
Christmas Interior Inspiration

With Christmas fast approaching, we thought we’d share our favourite, festive-inspired interior inspirations as part of our Christmas Countdown. From traditional red, gold and green colour schemes to wintery, white-filled, neutral palettes – we pick our favourite interior items to makeover your interiors for the festive season.

Winter Whites Christmas Interior Inspiration

Christmas Interior inspiration: Winter Whites inspiration image found on

A neutral palette offset with natural elements, greenery and added texture can create a unified, cosy look without changing your existing interior scheme too much. Add whites, silver & creams throughout adding a cream statement rug, a selection of mixed fabrics and faux fur cushions for texture in a neutral palette.

Whilst a large, statement chandelier and natural, earthy elements such as wicker baskets filled with blankets or firewood, simple candle & holly displays and greenery would complete this simple, festive look.

Traditional Christmas Interior Inspiration

Christmas Interior inspiration: Traditional Christmas inspiration found on

Another of our favourite festive looks is adding the traditional mix of reds, greens and checks teamed with thick, cosy knits to add a Christmas feel to an interior. You don’t have to spend a lot to decorate for Christmas, by simply adding a few cushion covers, a chunky knit and an updated checked lamp shade or rug  in a mix of reds, greens and neutrals will instantly add a Christmas inspired feel to your home.

A Touch of Gold Christmas Interior Inspiration

Christmas interior inspiration: A touch of gold image found on

Adding gold accents throughout can add a luxe look to a simple Christmas scheme, teamed with grey or whites it adds serious glamour. Think about statement accessories such as mixing metallics, golds and textural cushions with shades of grey and silver in throws, rugs and décor.

We hope you enjoyed our first in our series of Christmas Interior Inspiration blog posts to get you in the festive mood. We’ll be sharing more of our favourite Christmas inspired picks throughout the rest of November and December in our countdown to Christmas, so join us again next time.