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Summer Trend 2014

It’s that time of the year again when the shops start to fill with summer trends. So here are a few for you to keep your eye on.

Tropical Paradise

Bright colours and bold prints always emerge at this time of the year. Last year’s floral prints took the design world by storm. This year is no different with the creation of ‘Tropical Paradise’. It’s fun and easy to achieve, at a relatively low cost, although it may not be appropriate for everyone. So handle with care. 

Pastel Colours

Just like bold and bright prints, fresh colour schemes are always popular at this time of the year, as they bring a fresh, summery feel to any space. Unlike the tropical trend, pastel colours might be more suitable for some clients as they do not overpower a space. From feature walls to colourful tableware this trend has something for everybody. 


The elegance of marble is not a new idea; it has always been common in high-end interiors. Marble itself is still expensive, however achieving the marble effect is not. Wallpapers, fabrics, furniture and accessories can be used to create the same look as the expensive stone version. However, the stone creates a shine and increases the light which you are unlikely to achieve with anything other than the real thing but if the client has a small budget this trend is something to bear in mind.


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