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Inspired Storage

A cabinet, a functional necessity, it is always required, but rarely stunning. The convenience is to hide items, bits and bobs and general mess, unfortunately, this ‘put it away’ approach can be used when selecting storage furniture. This can result in storage being the most uninspired piece within an interior.

The following examples encourage cabinets to be seen with intention and style whilst offering the user some flexibility on how the piece is represented within the space.

Custom Cabinet

Designed by Tina Roeder, this storage option offers an attractive focal point, with a strong geometric reference intrinsically applied giving variation and interest with each panel. This custom made cabinet is made with sand blasted anodized aluminium, spanning just over two metres in width.

Custom cabinet Tina Roeder - Storage

Custom cabinet by Tina Roeder - Closed look


Nude Façade Cabinet

To add another dimension to this type of storage, consider the height. A midi height option lifts the eye level and introduces another line of visual interest in a space. From the same collection, the ‘nude façade’ is created using stainless steel, aluminium and leather.

Nude Facade Cabinet - Tina Roeder - Midi height option


C# Sideboard

The award winning ‘C#’ sideboard, designed by Ana Barbu, is inspired by the configurations found in hatching. This design gives the user variation to style or set their cabinet to their preference.

‘At the whims of the user, the sliding panels can form endless juxtapositions which can be combined with contrasting colours and drawings, which allow the possibility of hiding or highlighting books, decorations or other stored items. The sliding panels are detachable and can be reattached anywhere on the rails.’ (Barbu, 2016)

With references to the Pantone colours of the year for 2016, this design marries the ‘hatch’ inspiration along with trend influences seamlessly and gives the user some variation in how they configure and display this piece.

C# Sideboard - Barbu - Pantone colours



‘Precious’, by ‘Ctrlzak’ and Italian-Greek duo makes a feature of your cabinet by exposing the content with sophistication. Keeping items in a secure dedicated space whilst allowing visibility promoting a sense of exclusivity and intrigue. With remnants of a traditional safe in style, the main material component is crystal with brass features, this reads as a ‘piece’ rather than a conventional piece of storage.

Precious by Ctrlzak - Detail

Precious by Ctrlzak - Cabinet


The positioning of storage, as with the examples above are usually located on the floor, occasionally the wall takes the weight of storage. The following examples embrace the ‘open storage’ ethos in that the items are visible, not hidden in an opaque casing of any kind.


The first is specifically made for shoes; the design is a simple and neat contribution. Placing pairs of shoes on the wall can add to the aesthetic of the space and almost showcase the personality, mood and style of the user. ‘Shoeblox’ is a simple and effective storage option made with a magnetic force to adjust to any shoe size. It welcomes all pairs to be neatly placed and easy to reach. The shoe brackets are made of sustainable cedar and are secured on to metal panels.

Shoeblox - Open storage



‘Dalt’ created by Iranzo brings the next and final storage example. It has a weightless appearance, operated by a system allowing storage to be suspended. The smart part is the versatility of this system; storage can be drawn down and lifted as high as you please when not in use. This option is ideal for smaller spaces and a great way to make use of the seldom used space available on the ceiling. An ideal storage solution for smaller spaces.

Dalt by Iranzo - Suspended storage


Over To You

We’d love to see your own inspired storage solutions, so head on over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to share your ideas, or to gain more inspiration, head over to our Pinterest board, dedicated to all things ‘storage’.



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