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Studying online with the NDA

Want to know what it’s like studying online with the National Design Academy?

During our graduation ceremony held on Friday July 10th in the beautiful grounds of Trentham Gardens, we interviewed some of our recent graduates on camera. They talk about the skills they’ve gained, their future plans and each share their experiences of studying online with the NDA.

Watch the video to find out more about our range of flexible, online, interior design courses and to see why they would recommend studying online with the us.

If you are interested in studying on one of our Interior Design courses visit our Interior Design courses page to download a prospectus. Or for further information please email  or call us on +44(0)1159 123 412.


Our Class of 2015 Student Interviews, Friday 10th July,2015

“I’ve gained more knowledge and skills than I ever imagined I could. Every module I completed was a major achievement, it was so rewarding. And the feedback from my tutor, it made you aware of your strengths, your weaknesses which spurred you on to do better for the next module.” – Maria Jones, FdA Interior Design.

“My presentation skills were a lot more professional and I’ve gained a lot more skills going onto the BA Hons level.“ – Cheryl Brierley Duff, BA (Hons) Interior Design for Outdoor Living. 

The skills I’ve learnt; a general understanding of today’s materials, tools and ways of presentation, ways of dealing with clients in an appropriate manner, courtesy and consideration in the field and within your presentations.” – Sean Cassar, BA (Hons) Interior Design.

“I think if you are going to progress in a profession like this, you need to have all those skills.” – Cheryl Brierley Duff, BA (Hons) Interior Design for Outdoor Living.

“I finished the FDA, I’m now going to have the summer off to spend some time with my family, no studying. Then come back completely refreshed and go on and do the BA for the final year.” – Maria Jones, FdA Interior Design.

I would highly recommend the course, purely because of its flexibility, and being able to fit it around any commitments you may have, whether it’s family or work. It’s so rewarding just being able to achieve, you learn so much.”– Maria Jones, FdA Interior Design.

“The only way for me, with a family and a job at the same time would be to do online learning, there are so many benefits to it. You can do it in your own timescale, you can do it in and around your own family and your work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.”– Cheryl Brierley Duff, BA (Hons) Interior Design for Outdoor Living.

“From actually doing the diploma, I was absolutely drawn in to the whole world of interior design. And all the design elements, and the need to learn more about the subject matter, and all the design packages, the computer packages. So now, it is the case of a more career driven choice with having studied the foundation degree and hopefully want to go into employment in the interior design industry.” – Maria Jones, FdA Interior Design.

“My husband has a kitchen company, so now we have expanded that into an interiors company, so we will be designing indoor and outside now with the skills I’ve developed. So it has been wonderful for us as a company.” – Cheryl Brierley Duff, BA (Hons) Interior Design for Outdoor Living.

“I’m actually going to enrol for the masters straight away and keep studying until I’ve reached the level that I want to reach, but it is not just to have a paper on the back wall of the office. It is more just, I think that no-one can ever say they are perfect or that they have actually got there. You just have to keep studying and just keep the passion going.” – Sean Cassar, BA (Hons) Interior Design.

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