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Student Spotlight: Sharon Dobson

“For me, the beauty of how the course is put together, is you can see your own personal journey”

During a recent in-studio course at the National Design Academy, we had the chance to chat with NDA Interior Design and Soft Furnishings Student, Sharon Dobson. We were excited to speak to Sharon about her unique choice to study both the Professional Curtain Making & Soft Furnishing Diploma, and then also go on to complete the Professional Interior Design Diploma.

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Sharon found the NDA after retiring from her job as a Maths Teacher, and searching to fulfil her creative potential. Her first passion for design was upholstery, and from this she went on to want to learn more about other Soft Furnishings and also Curtain Making. This was her first course with the NDA, and it left her wanting to know more about a subject she was just getting in to.

Following her Professional Curtain Making & Soft Furnishing Diploma, Sharon established her business and continued to develop her Soft Furnishing skills. After a while, she was filled with the want to have a deeper understanding of how these products would work in a space, and potentially offer more insight to her clients from a larger design perspective. This is what led to her return to the NDA to study the Professional Interior Design Diploma, which she was just completing when we caught up.

Hear about Sharon’s experience at the NDA:

If you would like to find out more about either of the courses studied by Sharon, please visit our Diploma courses page here:

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