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Student Spotlight: Ibrahim Mohamad Aljasem

I understand that good designs shape people’s lives, influences their behavior and must always have a purpose. Because of this, everything that I do has the individual, community and environment in mind.

The majority of our students decide to follow their creative side later in life after they already have a career aligned for themselves. That’s why the online study option works for our students – the chance to change the direction of your life whilst not putting it on hold. This is consistent across all our students, both UK and International.

Ibrahim Mohamad is one of these students. Deciding to follow his passions in 2002, he began to study Interior Architecture at Damascus University. After fine-tuning his talent and knowledge, Ibrahim moved to Saudi Arabia in 2008, taking up a position with Saudi Binladin Group, one of the largest construction companies in the Middle East. Whilst working with SBG, Ibrahim has worked on some incredible projects including King Abdullah University Of Science & Technology, Ministry of Interior, King Abdulaziz International Airport, King Saud University, King Abdullah Economic City Resort, Princess Noura University in Riyadh, King Abdullah Palace in Casablanca and Shamiyah Haram Expansion. In 2015, Ibrahim came to us to further his knowledge, even more, completing his BA (Hons) Interior Design in 2017.

His experience is both enviable and impressive. Here at the NDA, we’re exceptionally proud to call him a former student. We caught up with him to discuss how things are going over in Saudi Arabia and it’s thriving design community.

Can you please tell us what you were doing before you started your course with the National Design Academy?

I was working for the Saudi Binladin Group, in Saudi Arabia in their technical department.

Why did you choose to study with the National Design Academy?

I was looking for a UK Accredited Interior Design school in order to develop my information in design. I was searching for excellence in the field of interior design, looking develop my design ideas and learning more about the latest interior design trends.

In your opinion what were the most valuable skills you learnt whilst on the course?

I have gained many new skills like planning how to use space, the use of creative lighting, the importance of sustainable design and how to efficiently use a show home and home staging.

What have you gone on to do since you finished your course?

I’ve started a design studio called ‘Luxurious Designs’, based in Saudi Arabia. Moving forward, I will focus more on contemporary and luxury design.

What are your plans for the future?

I would actually like to develop a new design type, like a modern Islamic and Contemporary Arabian style, also we have a plan to expand to Dubai.

Would you recommend someone to study with the National Design Academy? If so, why?

I would recommended to NDA to all people who have a passion for interior design, and those looking to get an Accredited UK Degree in Interior Design.

To find out more about our BA (Hons) Interior Design course, you can visit our website. If you’re a former student and would like to be featured in a case study, we’d love to hear from you! You can message us on Facebook, or call us on 0115 912 3412.

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  1. Impressive achievements and beautiful designs! All the best with the expansion!

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