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Student Spotlight: Damian Mayhew

Here at the National Design Academy, we always like to hear success stories from both current and past students. This month we have been catching up with Damian Mayhew, who is currently studying the Foundation Degree in Interior Design, to find out a little more about how he is applying his skills within the industry.

About Damian

Damian completed our Interior Design Diploma at the beginning of this year and is now on his 3rd module of the Foundation Degree in Interior design.

Although Damian has always had an interest in interiors, he started out as an Emergency Care Assistant in the East Midlands, which is very different from his current role working with Inspired Show Homes, a company based in Derbyshire.

We spoke to Damian to find out a little more about his interest in interiors and his exciting new role.

What were you trained to do previous to the current position you hold?

I’ve had a varied past; I started working as a decorator many years ago, and have always liked helping people with their choice of wallpaper or colours. However, before I started at Inspired Show Homes, I worked as an Emergency Care Assistant for the East Midlands Ambulance Service, which was very different as I used to drive the ambulance and assist the paramedic in the treatment of patients.

Why did you choose to study Interior design at the National Design Academy?

I chose to study Interior Design because I’ve always thought that I’d be good at it. Therefore, I started by doing the Diploma course at the National Design Academy just to see if I had ‘it’ and if I enjoyed the subject, and I loved it!  So much so that I jumped straight from that course to the Foundation Degree.

I looked at a lot of different courses before choosing the National Design Academy and it was clear from the start that the NDA had the best amount of information and support, and the staff are always really happy to help if you need them for anything. My Tutor has been great and I feel really lucky to have her; she really pushes me to produce some brilliant work.


Damian Mayhew - Room Visualisation FdA Interior Design

Damien Mayhew mood board on the dimensions of space

What are the main responsibilities of your new role and how has your course enabled you to fulfil the role?

I started working for Inspired Show Homes at the start of June 2016 as Senior Interior Designer. I get client briefs and sometimes plans of properties and it is my job to come up with a complete scheme for them.

Obviously I look at the location of the property and the demographics of who the developer is trying to attract, as this helps me to create the most appropriate design schemes. To be honest, I don’t think I would have even got an interview without doing the courses through the National Design Academy. While studying, I have developed a greater understanding of the industry and it has put me in such good standing and given me the confidence to put myself forward for jobs.

Damien Mayhew floor plans FdA Interior Design


Damien Mayhew work for Inspired Show Homes - Visualisation

If you are interested in studying the Diploma in Interior Design or any of our other courses then please visit our website. Alternatively, you can email us, or call us on +44(0) 1159 123 412.

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