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Student Spotlight: Bernard Gray

Continuing our series looking at the fine work our Graduates are achieving following completion of their studies; this month we look at the work of Bernard Gray who last year completed his MA Interior Design with the NDA.

Life before NDA

Prior to enrolling onto the MA Interior Design program at NDA, Bernard trained as a Chartered Architectural Technologist and Project Manager and was working in both the residential and commercial sectors on projects within Heritage Residences, Hotels, Spas and Retail environments.

He is also an Architectural Illustrator specialising in watercolours, pencil line and wash, pastel and marker renderings as well as CAD where required.

He has a strong interest in sustainability, is a qualified LEED AP and has written a book entitled Eco City which was published in 2012. See below some of Bernard’s work from his Master’s Project at NDA:

bernard gray masters degree work

bernard gray ma interior design

bernard gray ma interior design drawing

Catching up with Bernard

We are always interested to find out what our graduates have gone on to do after their studies have finished. Bernard’s story highlights the success he has had since completing the MA, as well as an eagerness to continue with postgraduate study.

Why did you choose the NDA?

Bernard wanted to use the time spent on his Masters course to help him to focus on key areas of specialism within interior design. These include furniture, finishes and integrated systems.

The course also provided the opportunity for him to study trends and product development which will develop his creative potential when applied to design and innovation.

What skills did you develop whilst on the course?

The research orientation of the course was a big plus and allowed him to select specific areas of interest. Continued development of his presentation skills allowed him to blend hand and digital rendering for his assignment submissions.

bernard gray ma interior design work

bernard gray ma interior design cad render

What have you done since leaving the course?

Since Graduating from the MA Interior Design course, Bernard has continued to develop his own interior design business practice as well as registering to study for a Doctorate in Design.


If you are interested in studying the Master’s Degree in Interior Design or any of our other design courses, then please visit our course page to find out more information. Or alternately, email us at: or call us on +44(0)1159 123 412.


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