Student of the Month: Joseph Limeta

Joseph Limeta was presented with his Student of the Month award in Dubai by NDA Academy Director, Pauline Riley.

Joseph was chosen from over 2,000 students for his exceptional garden design projects and said he was delighted to be chosen for this award and that he was really enjoying the course and the excellent support from his personal tutor. Joseph also said being able to study online alongside his full-time job and a family is the only way he could achieve this recognised qualification.

Joseph thoroughly deserves this Award; his drawing skills are exemplary and inspirational. His time management is exceptional and he has very good communication skills. It is a real pleasure to work with Joseph as he progresses through the NDA Diploma in Professional Garden Design.

Joseph is always exploring new possibilities within garden and landscape design, even considering the effect of shadow in his concept drawings. Scale is also an interest of his and he uses objects and planting of differing scale within his designs.

I am pleased to include some examples of his work, showcasing his spatial awareness and his drawing abilities. Well done Joseph, I am sure that your wife and family are very proud of you.

Well done Joseph, I am sure that your wife and family are very proud of you.

Click on the gallery below to see some of Joseph’s work:

Limeta, Joseph Randolph - Unit 4, Assignment 4B - 1- for web

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