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Student of the Month: Gwenllian Trott

The award of student of the month for June goes to Gwenllian Trott — an international student who resides in Macau in China.

Whist studying on the Interior Design Level 2/3 Diploma course, her continuous efforts and zeal for the subject has increased throughout the units.

Students studying this course complete a final unit which enables them to gain the level 3 qualification. Gwenllian’s final project has highlighted exemplary efforts and results through her approach and execution.

Completing Final Projects

This unit requires students to complete key stages of the design process for a client. The client has an informative brief which can be used in a range of ways to inform and inspire the final design. Gwen has dedicated the time to produce additional visuals. Here is a preview of her work, including the bespoke piece she designed, a sample board and the final design of the interior.

Gwenllian Trott Bespoke Furniture Design

Gwen Trott Furniture Design Materials Used

Gwen Trott the use of recycled seashells

Gwen Trott material selections for master bedroom

Gwen Trott Final Project 3D Sample of Interior


A note from Gwen’s Tutor

Gwen has really embraced the role of the interior designer within this unit. Her approach highlights the benefit of completing the assignments whilst approaching the project as if the client was live. This means the content meets and exceeds the assessment requirements and celebrates Gwen’s interior design skills and consideration of the wider context.

The additional visuals show continuous attention to detail as well as a willingness to learn and use a range of skills to visually communicate the design. There is also a professional finish with all of the work produced by Gwenllian, which indicates her own style which is clean and creative.

With plans to continue studying here at the NDA we are certain Gwenllian’s current skills are a solid foundation which she will build on, great results Gwenllian, a well-deserved congratulations!

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