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Student of the Month: Grace Mckenzie

Our student of the month for March is Grace Mckenzie, who has been awarded this prestigious title for her development work that she submitted for Module 1 of the Interior Design Degree.

Grace Mckenzie interior design degree


What Grace’s Tutor Says

Grace has been put forward for student of the month based on the amount of development work and research which she has done for this first module. It is really important for students to keep a reflective design journal throughout the course as this will help to inform the final body of work.

Even though we ask for 5 pages of the journal at this stage of the course, Grace has submitted 2 sketch books full of her own ideas and experiences. This includes research she has found, sketch studies and site visits. It is great to see this amount of effort put into a design journal, as this will give Grace the information necessary to develop her skills and achieve at the highest level.

Grace Mckenzie student of the month

Grace Mckenzie ba hons interior design

BA (hons) Interior Design

The Interior Design degree is a course perfect for those who are looking to start or further their careers in interior design. Having a degree can be an essential step when you are looking to build a career in the design market, and

This professional graduate qualification can be studied at your own pace, as there are no terms or semesters at the National Design Academy. This means students can fit studies around their lifestyle or even earn whilst you learn. The BA (hons) Interior design degree accepts applications from students with relevant level 3 qualifications and mature students with previous experience.

If you are interested in studying on the Interior Design Degree or any of our other interior design courses, then please visit our course page to find out more information. Or alternately email us at: or call us on +44(0)1159 123 412.


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