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Student of the Month: Bekki Hayward (FdA Interior Design)

Bekki Hayward has been chosen as our ‘Student of the Month’  for the submission of her ‘Professional Practice’ module on the FdA Interior Design.

About Becki’s course: Foundation Degree in Interior Design

The FdA is equivalent to years 1 & 2 of a BA Honours Degree (similar to a HND). It is particularly relevant to Interior Design as Foundation Degrees have a practical element and are designed to qualify you to work in the vocational area. Completing this course will really open up the world of interior design.

This is the ideal course for anyone who is serious about becoming an interior designer or seeking to work in design-related areas and who have relevant qualifications or experience, or mature students with extensive experience in the interior design profession. The core modules covered on the Foundation Degree (FdA) in Interior Design are: Research and Contextualisation, Space Planning, Design in Historical Context, Creative Lighting & Technology, Sustainable Design & Technology, Home Staging & Show Home Design, Professional Practice and Furniture & Furnishings.

What Bekki’s tutor says…

Bekki’s development work in particular was the real highlight of the submission, demonstrating her ability to reflect her business identity in a contemporary, refined manner whilst still being able to confidently analyse her own brand values to project this as a visual brand identity; something which can be a tricky thing to do.

Student of the month. The National Design Academy. Foundation Degree in Interior Design.

Student of the month. The National Design Academy. Foundation Degree in Interior Design.

Bekki’s development work was well considered, covering all areas of name, colour, font choice, materiality, positioning, and was paired with insightful and reflective annotations which really helped us understand her development, design ideas and how she had undergone a definitive, creative editing process to arrive at her final ideas.

Foundation Degree Interior Design. The National Design Academy

By undertaking so much development and analysis of her ideas, the final product was well-considered and accurately reflected what Bekki’s brand was all about. Well done Bekki!

If you are interested in studying on the course, visit our Foundation Degree in Interior Design course page for more information or alternately contact us by email at:

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